Thoughts at the moment - 3

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I wish you were here,
I wish I could hear you,
Waiting for me to return,
Trying to calm me down,
Listening to every detail,
However stupid they be,
Opening up myself to you,
Somehow I want that so bad.

Not that I can't now,
But I refrain myself again,
I pull myself back from me,
Burying those thoughts,
I walk into the arms of sleep.

Wishing good night,
All the moments,
And their thoughts.

Let go... of yourself...

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Give up while you still can,
Insanity is catching up too fast,
And there is little time you've got,
So revive yourself while you last.

Fly away, the winds are on your side,
And run, not to your dark shadow,
But into the flickering light inside,
Its about time, you need to let go.

There is many a guilt and shame,
That traps a you within yourself,
A mortal beyond your cognizance,
And if he exist, let him show himself.

Is this ever going to help you?
You argue, fight and cry inside,
All bottled up and then sealed,
Why do you even try to hide?

Get over being the one you are,
Couldn't you be something more?
What is with the grumbling voices,
Why are you such an idiotic bore?

Its time you let go of yourself,
Be the one you could not yet be,
Lose yourself and get rediscovered,
And then simply trust what you see!

You've lost numerous moments in this life,
'Cause you try too hard to catch them all.
And as I know it, sometimes to hold on,
You need to let them and yourself fall!

So just let go... let go of yourself...

Oblivious journey

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The paper boat floats away in oblivion,
Treasuring his one priceless jewel.
The winds of time carrying it down,
While fate watches, calm and cruel.

He doesn't care about the treasures,
Not anymore, at least in this life.
Getting what he had deserved,
The long emptiness and the strife.

Yet he gets around in its search,
Only to find his treasure untouched.
None didn't even bother to look at it,
'Cause it never mattered too much.

He takes up the gem in his hand,
And polishes it to a scintillating shine.
But if only he knew it was not enough,
At least not for this bloody mankind.

Being the fool that he possibly will be,
He tries to keep it safe by his soul.
Locks the heart and shuts the mind,
Only to slip it down some invisible hole.

And before he could even realize,
The jewel's ship had set its sail.
Once more a bold hope bound to it,
A journey anew, which could only fail.

P.S. - This another of my poems which could absolutely make no sense to many of you, but its the bitter truth of life for me. And somehow, this makes me feel happy.

Hanging out

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H- Hell is right here
A- And we the devils
N- Neglecting the doleful world
G- Getting drenched in happiness
I- Itching for more life
N- Nothing stops us today
G- God too can't help

O- Out on the streets
U- Until the night fades
T- Together we shall rock

P.S. - For Acrostic only.


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J- Joys of the world
A- Arrogantly have turned away
D- Defeated as I am
E- Ending this seems easy
D- Death being my way

P.S. - For Acrostic Only.

Break off

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B- Begging for your mercy
R- Regretting my last steps
E- Escaping my little world
A- Abandoned here I am
K- Kneeling before you love

O- Offer me some courage
F- Fill me with hope
F- For my fateful death

P.S. - For Acrostic Only

An appology

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I wanted to walk a thousand miles,
Yet I ended more than a million spaces away,
And even if I bury those thoughts deep,
What of those I lost along the long and busy way.

Its like my darling subject chemistry,
I had a big crush over when I still was in touch,
And now that I've finally given up on it,
I've forgotten the mysteries I once loved so much.

Now curled up in a lonely selfish box,
Banging my head against its stoic stubborn wall,
I find myself asking one question,
"Why the hell did I decide on abandoning them all ?"

"I just wanted to run away",
And as if I didn't know what I had to face then,
I curse myself for being a coward,
An escapist I am, have been, since I don't know when!

And though it might not make sense,
Or at least not to those I owe an obvious apology,
I still can't look into their eyes,
Or come up to them and explain this vague analogy.

Kneeling down I beg your pardon,
To all this world, my friends and enemies and to me,
For being the boy I am,
Still held by the shackles, chains bounding me to thee.

P.S. - I don't even know if those whom I owe an apology are actually reading this. If you are, I'm truly sorry, 'cause until now I never got the courage to say so.
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