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I'm thinking of this life,
Part of it coming to a close,
And I'm busy cleaning the mess,
These years have created in me.

I'm trying to recall it all,
Those that were when I came,
And the ones I'm leaving with,
Making extensive note of both.

I'm comparing the two 'me',
The one who was innocently silent,
And the experienced wicked being,
Of what I lost in this change's way.

I'm sorting out my companions,
Analyzing who are the only ones,
And if I miss someone in the list,
I'm sure he'll knock at my door.

I'm gathering all that I've learnt,
'Cause of all that I've been through,
And noting each of my mistakes,
Those I'm fearful of committing again.

I'm deciding whats next now,
Where do I go from here on,
And most of all with whom,
If at all someone is with me?

That is all for now,
Thoughts governing my mind,
Overburdening my small existence,
Making my terrible life even more miserable.

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I am following ur blog since some days, and i have really liked all the things u wrote.....gr8 work

I am so glad to hear that, thank you.
Do keep visiting and share your views, positive or negative alike.

This doesn't have to be a miserable feeling. You just need to be optimistic.
Nice poem, by the way. :)

Its not about being optimistic, but the fact that now its time I sort out things makes me miserable, 'cause as I said, a part of my or rather our lives are coming to a close and we can't change that.
Isn't it?

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