Lying next to me

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I saw my life, my future, my dreams take shape,
As I realized she was right there, lying next to me.

"I'm so not looking into your eyes right now,
I'm just staring at myself growing terribly old

"I'm not just touching your soft precious hands,
I'm only soothing my little daughter to sleep

"I'm so not bragging about my job here,
I'm merely trying to show the future that would be

"I'm definitely not throwing my body all over you,
I'm here to prove I love you no matter what may be

"But I don't think its going to be quite possible,
Unless you come up and well, at least kiss me

And even as I had those very words in my mind,
I could never have enough guts to speak for me.

But somehow she knew me and reciprocated,
'Cause a month later she would be married to me.

P.S. - The credit for the idea of the verse goes to the blog Room for Romance.

P.P.S. - Don't even ask me how I came up with something like that, I have no idea!

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Wow.. Wonderful.. Loved your take on the picture.. You might be one of the people I consider for Romantic Room..

--Someone Is Special--

Thank you.
That is an honour.

I fully agree with the above comment.
It seems the battle with the mind was won by you.

Exquisite lines,loved every part of it...just one query- that daughter part didn't get me.

Hope to see more of you in coming saturdays. :-)

Thanks, of course it was good to win.
And about the daughter line, actually, when he touched her, he felt like he was caressing his daughter off to sleep, supposing the mother and the daughter have the same soft hands.

great stuff u got here! =) keep those emotions flowing..

Thanks. Will try to get better.

It matters not how you came to this, but that you did.
However, I didn't understand -
"I'm only soothing my little daughter to sleep"

Awesome poetry, buddy. :)

Yeah I know.
And your question has been answered above.

lovely flow..

Thank you.

so beautifully written.. loved it

Thank you.

Beautifully written poem
Loved your post!

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in A Peep into effects of Phone In Your Life

Yeah, sure, and thank you for visiting.

congrates ya! u won !

Romantic Room of the Week 1

You have been selected as ROMANTIC ROOM for Week 1, please come and claim the awards..

--Someone Is Special--


Someone Is Special,
Thank you.

very romantic!Read A Woman's Life

I am lost in my words to describe the feeling right now I am having on reading your post...I can only utter IT'S AWESOME MAN. Keep it up!

Thanks mate.
Hope to see you around.

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