I'm sorry

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I forced it all on, didn't I?
I had never wanted it though,
Yet I did say it all somehow,
And finally, I'm glad to know!

I was the choker, wasn't I?
Muffling voices rising within thee,
Even strangling the living to death,
I still wonder how that could be me!

It was all my mistake, wasn't it?
Though I had never felt it to be,
But I can see its so obvious now,
How the fault was always in me!

Shaping the world, wasn't I?
Perfection was my ultimate goal,
Yet it was no less than a disaster,
Being the dream of a single soul!

I wanted so much more, didn't I?
The silly heart, the beautiful mind,
But I was definitely not worth it,
'Cause I was ultimately left behind!

I'm ashamed of what I thought it was,
And what it finally turned out to be,
Thinking my search was actually over,
When clearly it wasn't meant to be!

And even as most of it is forgotten I guess,
And there is nothing that could ever be,
I hope its not a bit too late to apologize,
'Cause I'm sorry for trying to change you to me.

P.S. - Sometimes the truth is worse than you thought. And people, stop pretending! It hurts, specially when you know the truth.

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I seriously don't understand how it could be so easy for people to put up a mask on their face. Sigh, sad reality..

Well, in their defense, they do so either to make someone happy or they don't have the slightest clue its a mask.
Frankly I don't know if I can blame them. But that doesn't make them less guilty.
Err... its confusing I guess.

Nice...the end was perfect

Thanks for the appreciation.

Never blame yourself so much for something that you have no control over.
Nice poem, though, mate. :)

Control, that is exactly the word.
Its one of those times when I think, "why the hell did I do it ?"

its beautifully framed dear..but stop blaming urself..sumtyms we keep on flowing with d time without thnking abt d next...still this feeling comes when we question "why i let it happen to me?"...i kno...but seriously nice verse but a really odd picture...actually u cud have gt sumthng better dan dis pic i guess...still...great job...

I suppose so.
But sometimes you see the truth only when you search for it.
Often we don't look for it actually.
Seems I was not looking either.

hey really nice.. i love it, its like the truth is in front of u ,u noe Wat ur been doing is not rite .......... its there behind in the unconscious mind ....... but then its too late when u realize ....

Its never about the truth, but about when you realize the truth.
I'm not too lucky I guess.

dun't ask people to stop pretending, coz dey jst can't.......
nd dude dun't b srry fr ur mistakes, spl dat u hv mentioned here.....coz if u hvn't commited dem den may b many faces remain covered wid masks fr rest of ur lyf........mistakes r necessary fr success....nd yaar mistakes r part of lyf widout den its incomplete, no matter hw big it is....it vl honour u wid worth of experience

Yes, experience is what I have now, among a few other things, of which I'm not very proud of, yet.
Its good to make mistakes sometimes I guess, only if I had knowingly made the mistake it would have been so much better.

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