The fling

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Is this the breaking of a new dawn?
Or is it actually the twilight saying hello?
While the night is eagerly waiting its turn,
To shroud the light of the day in despair.

I might smile at the break-through I have,
Yet I wish I could gather some courage,
And talk myself out of this little wreck,
Stop myself from being not the real "me".

Does it hurt to fool the silly heart like this?
No it doesn't, yet its like living on some drug,
Knowing I'm cared for every tiniest moment,
Even as I never could be myself even a bit.

It just being a matter of a few bloody days now,
Before I realize I've lost the heart and the mind,
Craving for a little more in the life's empty corners,
Searching like an emotionally drugged desperate fool.

And its only the smiles and happiness which matters,
Even as I'm confident they would soon come to an end,
'Cause this is the first fling that I've come across in my life,
This is what I'm not, but seem to have regretfully become!

P.S. - Wrote this a few days back. I don't think I still think this way, or at least that is what I want myself to believe.

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But this is well done :). Our thoughts change and so do the actions but that is no reasons for good things to not be written :-).

P.S. There is something definitely wrong with your page. It redirects to various spam sites after every few minutes. You should look into that. It took me while to get this comment to go through :-)

Zave, it is not something that you have become! It's a phase of life that you experienced. It's something new. Certainly something fresh that I believe you needed to do. The "real you" will never change. It's embedded strongly within you, whatever the exterior may be like. You just call on those thoughts when you feel they're of supreme importance. :)

Documentation is an excellent way of preserving the momentary thoughts, that is why writing is so important I think.
And, about the spam sites, I couldn't find anything wrong. Hope it was just a momentary problem and will not trouble any of my readers any more.

dude......ur state of mind is strictly out in dis post.....u knw d fair part of "wen we r nt wad we wanna believe, especially in painful situation" is dat we r nt dat person.....we wanna becum dat dark face dat hs evn no shadow, bt still we cnt keep ourselves out frm wad we r matter hw much u try to sneak behind d masks,ur true self can't remain chained below it fr long....
so don't force masks more as u want it or nt, u hv to face d real face one day so y nt nw?
got it ;)

P.s :nice to c ya back....

Yeah, you've been harping on that since time immemorial I think.

Damn it! People always catch me up, isn't it?
Where do I get to hide?

good 2 see u back..n abt the is full of experience so never mind whether that's real you or not..its about life and how we deal with..n ya thanx a lot 4 bearing d pain of bringing my dresses 4m my home coz it burdened ur luggage a bit more..:)

First of all you are welcome and second, I think I've learnt a lot.

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