The ending

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I'm skeptic,
I'm pessimistic,
I'm so hopeless,
I'm just not enough.

Its neither the pain,
Nor is it the hurt,
Its neither the hate,
Nor is it the mistakes,
That makes me weep,
As if that is expected!

Its neither the joys,
Nor is it the love,
Its neither the happiness,
Nor is it the victory,
That makes me smile,
As if they are impossible!

Has losing made me a loser,
That I make no note of it anymore?
Or has love made me heartless,
That I suffer at its loss no more?

And yet I'm ecstatic to be this way,
To keep living on each of these days,
Spending them under a gracious silence,
And never try to explore the other ways...

Could a story have a happy ending?

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Beautifully portrayed the diverse feelings.
I like your style.

Thank you.

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