Confessions of a sinner

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I've cursed the friends who stabbed me,
Instead of hugging the few of them tight.
I've spoken of revenge with all my heart,
Instead of revealing forgiveness's might.

I've never let go of the hurtful moments I've lived,
Instead, treasured them deep in my chaotic mind still.
I've repaid all with the interests they are worthy of,
Instead of going into the pathetic talks of good will.

I've tried to live every moment in extensive smiles,
Instead of being marred by the ungrateful world's scar.
I've went too far and beyond to fetch those happiness,
Instead of stopping and pity for those who lost in the war.

I've fulfilled all the wishes that I have ever breathed,
Instead of praying for someone's wish to come true.
I've trampled others' visions to realize my future's fate,
Instead of preserving their dreams in my hands too.

I've always did what my heart or mind asked me to,
Instead of accounting for the others' incessant call.
I've rejected everything that was ever put before me,
Instead of foolishly attempting to please one and all.

I've never thought of the after life I would be living,
Instead, lived in the present and proved my worth.
I've never believed in walking to a majestic heaven,
Instead, lived a hope filled life on this humble Earth.

Yes, I am a sinner,
And I've never barred anyone from calling me this,
But let me be addressed so by the unblemished souls,
And not by the self proclaimed hypocritical saints,
Who's deeds are flecked with myriad moral holes.

P.S. - Dedicated to the girl who's words inspired me to write this verse. Thank you.

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Wow. I've never come across a poem like this from your book. This was different. Very different. I loved your use of words. You literally played with them!
And yes, we are all sinners, or so I believe anyway.
At the core, every human is still an animal and rooted in the most selfish desires.

Yeah, you are definitely a sinner!
And I'm trying to explore myself a little more these days.
And an inspiration always helps.

its too good actually....its d best i have read so far...i felt like m saying wat i want 2 in ur words...:)

Seems like I was able to achieve what I had aimed for.

O greatt! I love the way you write. Like i always say!

the whole sinner thing pierces one's soul deeply!!

Thank you dear.
The sinner stuff is so very exciting as well, right?

Just happened to accidentally come across your blog.

All I have to say is WOW.
What you have written in the poem is really quite insightful and in a way true!


Thank you for the appreciation and the out of the blue visit.
I hope you keep coming back.

your a true word-master. that was really good!

Thank you for the overwhelming appreciation.

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