And I...

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I feel her around,
Watch her walk up to me,
Smile on her red lips,
Flaunts a casual style,
And my heart beats...

I close in on her,
Hold her hands in mine,
Pull her closer to myself,
Put my arm round her waist,
And whisper to her...

I pop up my head,
Half lying just by her side,
Fiddle with her hair locks,
Put my arm above her shoulder,
And get closer to her...

I look at her face,
Calmly resting on my shoulder,
My arms warped around her,
Her arm lazily lining mine,
And her smell...

I watch her fade away,
Clasp at nothing but the air,
Wonder at prelude of loneliness,
Arms droop down, disappointed,
And then walk away...

I wonder if its true,
Or was it once a reality,
Or a dream I saw yesterday,
Or simply a futuristic imagination,
And I...

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i liked it a lot...nice one

I'm happy that it could please u.

oh so fantastic!

Thank you.

Loved it! This ones the best from you.. so far :)

A stroke of brilliance from you, buddy. It was vivid; it brought the emotions to life perfectly and every verse were brilliantly ended.

Loved it, Zave. :)

Thank you so much. So that is my best then.

"Perfect" was the word in my mind as I penned it down as well.

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