The unspoken desires

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Did you ask what I want from you?
If you had, I would have answered,
I want to see you smile wide,
And show you the dimple on your face.
I want to share my few happiness,
And divide your sorrows forever.
I want to show you what you are worth,
And give you all even when unasked.
I want to take you around the world,
And land you at places you had never been.
I want to share my entire life with you,
And let you design it the way best for you.
I want to submit myself like to the Gods,
And rest in peace 'cause its in your hands.
I want to show you all that is possible,
And all that could be if we exist together,
When it would be only you and me.

Did you ask what I want from myself?
If you had, I would have answered,
I want to bring back my soul to life,
And see it alter me to another being.
I want to connect to my inner self,
And be the best of the men who stand.
I want to excel in whatever I ever did,
And bring my innovation into this world.
I want to be known in this teeming universe,
And watch people stare at me in jealousy.
I want to hand over my life to someone,
And smile on my choice of the special one.
I want to stop running from the truth,
And rectify the mistakes I've committed.
I want to live this life the way I never have,
And experience all that a man could ever do,
When it would be only me and you.

Sadly enough none ever had the time,
To even ask what I want in my life,
To even think what I could possibly desire,
And its funny I'm talking about it now,
When I didn't have the mind to inquire it too.
Where do all of us get busy so much?
Where do our thoughtful minds go for a toss,
When we have so much time and waste it?
And only when we get the "time out" error,
Realizing we have finally lost it all,
And our little lives have been crushed to dust,
Stretched over the memories and failures,
Unseen, unheeded by all, rejected in disgust,
As something that never was or never will be.

Do I have to wait forever to be asked again,
Or to get the chance to question myself?

In hope we always carry ourselves around,
Waiting in oblivion, watching silently, patiently,
For a stranger to pass us by, and so do I...

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I'm spellbound. I hope all your desires are soon fulfilled.
And you're already excelling. I don't think you need worry about THAT! ;)

Yeah, that comment should help, isn't it?

ah this is so lovely :-).

Thank you for the appreciation.

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