Thought you knew me?

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Myriad dreams,
Crazy dreams crowd me,
Eluding the reality from myself,
Irritating me to cast them all away,
'Cause none have ever been true,
What more could I expect now?

So I sit motionless,
And keep waiting patiently,
Watching them burn and die,
Right before my dreamy eyes,
I feel them hacked to pieces,
And simply keep staring...

But when have they left me?
The very next moment they are back,
Drawing me to their world,
Conjuring up my numb desires,
Fetching them up for me,
And I give in, dreaming of thee.

Hippocratic thoughts,
Mindless thoughts reside here,
Tirelessly trying to motivate me,
Yet not an inch do I ever react,
'Cause not all are in my hands,
What more could I possibly do?

So I stare into the emptiness,
Hoping to let this phase pass away,
When they get an idea of how I am,
And stop pushing me to the limits,
In hope I'll undo all that had been done,
And simply keep staring...

But could my mind ever stop working?
The emptiness is even a boon to it,
The one who has nothing else to play with,
It inquires, provokes and begs of me,
And seldom I break down, try to sort it out,
And commit crimes, mistakes to thee.

Freaky smiles,
Extinct smiles work their way up,
Back on my face and into my life,
Pretending all is fine with me,
'Cause they can mask the gloominess,
What am I expected to do anyways?

So I wear a smile the way I can,
Wishing this be the exterior at least,
Keeping the satire and truth of fate away,
And cure me of being the laughing stalk,
All shocked to see me laugh my heart out,
And simply keep staring...

But does it mean I've come to faking?
I often have my moments, cherished ones,
Unknowingly connect to my beating heart,
For once I let go of this inhibition within me,
And stare at the facts as a layman could,
And smile again, laughing at thee.

'Cause I was always an obscure being!
Now keep guessing and go on betting,
'Cause none can win or lose against me,
And supposing you are confused again,
I have just one other question to you all,
You really thought you knew me enough?

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I really think I know you enough,
at least enough to judge your smile,
and ofcourse enough to make out..
when u r faking n when u r right..

I never guess, and I don't Bet..
neither i wanna win or loose.
but i can find what i want to get,
out of you.. though i may be confused..;)

Life is endless.. i know, u do know..:)..
so, whats the point of wearing such a mask..
numerous dreams will come and go..
will you give in for all?? its the only thing i ask??

"Hippocratic thoughts" which u say try to motivate u..
I think.. they should be given a chance..
because really... i feel its so much not "you"..!!
n when it'll be "you" i know i'll make out in a glance..:)..

One thing I've become quiet sure of, you don't know how to give up, right?
I'm glad to have known you.
By the way, do tell me when you think I've become ME!

this one is for Zave, :O *amazed *
and this :O :O :O :O * double amazed*
is for ...well, i needn't specify, do I ?

That amazed?
By the way, I officially welcome you to my blog!

Zave, no one can know anyone well enough, ever. And it's always tough for guys to understand other guys even when facial expressions are faked. It isn't hypocrisy, rather it is a try to keep the worries at bay. But trust me, that's a bad idea, though that sounds very hypocritical in itself, coming from me!
As for the poem, it was a fabulous read, not that I liked what it meant in the end, though!

I know, and this is not for those who try to or don't understand me at all. But for those, who think they understand me from head to toe (Ankita, this is not for you either actually).
I don't expect to be understood, it works better that way actually.
And don't worry, hypocrisy or not, its the way we all are, trying to pretend at some point of time or the other, its the need of the hour I guess.

ah - and this is the question we all end up asking ourselves one way or another. I suppose that is a good thing :-).

At least I don't feel like the one boy in this world who is asking this question.
There are others as well!
But even as the question is so well know, the answer is so very unknown, strange, isn't it?

hey zave, it doesnt even matter for whom the poem is!!(I never took it as if it was for me..;)..)...n btw irrespective of whether you expect or not .. sum ppl will always try to understand you..:).. though they may not succeed in tht to a large extent.. "they" will..:)... chal koi nh..its enough.. ab "context switch"..:P..;)...

Yeah, I thought u wouldn't take it that way, but just wanted to make myself clear. I hate misunderstandings.
And ya, enough has been said, lets give it a rest.

thankyou thankyou... so i finally declare and acknowledge my "esteemed presence" on your blog :P :P
right D2 ? :D

Yeah, finally!

@Zave :
It doesn't matter who the poem is meant for, rather, what it means to you.

@G :
Absolutely, you're "esteemed presence" is graciously invited everywhere! :D

Yeah, point taken. Good point actually.

Well parting is painful and you really have to move ahead and move on.

Nice poem!


Oh, i think there was some mistake, my earlier comment is for your latest poem, errenously posted here.

about this one, i can say, this surely is a beautiful flowing poem, each line lead to the next. well connected thoughts, and the mystry continues!!!


But now that you've read the other, I mean the latest poem as well, you know how it all ends, isn't it?
Not that I thought it to be any different.
Thanks for visiting my blog.

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