Me, and still you?

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I had known to have forgot all,
I knew I was back to being me,
I believed I was alive once more,
But you keep coming back here.

With just a small pinch of smile,
And in the world of the fakers,
Somehow look still very real!

I had gave up everything then,
I was supposed to start fresh,
I thought I was walking again,
But you keep crossing me more.

Where I can always hear your steps,
And cannot help, save ignore,
Looking not an inch above the floor.

I lived a hell lot tired days,
I kept every piece of my body busy,
I shouldered all responsibility with ease,
But you keep talking to my head.

Playing with my conscience,
Even with the little that is left,
In some corner of my mindless head.

I jumped into the world of tensions,
I swam across oceans of alcohol,
I steered my way into the smoke,
But you keep distracting my ways.

Once towards my goal,
Then away from it, miles away,
As if its some racing game.

I wished this was the end of it,
I told myself no more of the calls,
I promised myself of no more text,
But you keep weakening me even more.

Shaking my belief in myself,
Restoring all that I want to dream,
While every other thing is just a big void.

I kept hoping against all hopes,
I out weighed the dreams over reality,
I somehow barely survived alive,
But you keep being just you.

With all that you had with you,
With all that I loved in you,
'Cause it was always about you.

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Back with a bang, I see!
Buddy, resolute emotions only go so far. That's all i say here.

Nice to know you're poetry's back, though. :)

dats really sumthing buddy......awesum wrk
nd u its a troublesum job dat u r trying bt nt an impossible one.......

Awesome friend... A truly heart wrenching poem. Lets drag us out of this situation. Ending with a smile :)


A "Deep" poem! Nice though!

a wonderful poem...i hope you are not troubled by something coz something tells me there is more to the poem...anyways all the best!!!


Really that was out of the blue.
I never knew I would write so soon.
I guess that was 'cause of the impetus of the HR interview of Persistent.

Of course not impossible, but difficult.

Thank you for the appreciation.
We always hope to get away, little are we successful.

I was just trying to figure out how much depth you meant by the "deep"!

I think you are getting a hold of what I mean.
Thank you.

Never mind!

May i've the permission to cross you buddy,
though my heart is still enough strong,
you should have taken care of,
so i'll never take a look around,
but what should i do my friend (faith),
you call me straight forehead............

And that is how I mount every obstacle,
Get through the moments in a flash,
'Cause its all of you who surround me,
Not the one who is long lost and gone...
Thank you.

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