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Drowned in the music,
Let my voice fade away,
Let my breath be choked,
Let my mind hear no more.

Drowned in the words,
Let my creativity flourish,
Let my savior be just me,
Let my pen curve out the truth.

Drowned in the laughter,
Let my smiles be diminished,
Let my thought forget its course,
Let me hear its encore some more.

Drowned in the business,
Let me taste the success,
Let me think of the work in hand,
Let me bury yet another day.

Drowned in the life,
Let me go to crushing depths,
Let me be torn apart into pieces,
Let me experience what is death.

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When did you start writing poems like this? This is different from anything that you've ever written. The darkness in the final verse is very powerful.
Nice one, buddy.

Yeah, I myself didn't know when I got this feeling.
I mean I kown this is quite dark.

i liked the last para most.......!!!!!!!
btw nice one.....

p.s. ......i guess time for your reality check......;)

Thank you.
And yeah, to straighten my life right I need to do a lot of checks I think, one of them being reality.

I love the writing technique your using here!

Well, thank you.
I'm glad you like it.

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