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Drowned in the music,
Let my voice fade away,
Let my breath be choked,
Let my mind hear no more.

Drowned in the words,
Let my creativity flourish,
Let my savior be just me,
Let my pen curve out the truth.

Drowned in the laughter,
Let my smiles be diminished,
Let my thought forget its course,
Let me hear its encore some more.

Drowned in the business,
Let me taste the success,
Let me think of the work in hand,
Let me bury yet another day.

Drowned in the life,
Let me go to crushing depths,
Let me be torn apart into pieces,
Let me experience what is death.

Finally, yes finally...

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Did I shed a drop of tear?
Not even a single I guess.
Did I smile just a little?
Yes I did for a few moments.

Now in another universe all together,
A place which has not even a trace of it,
Did I come here by my own happy choice?
Lets just say by situations I arrived here.

Time to get a new dimension to thought,
Time to be be cautious and walk closed arm,
Time to make sure I don't keep dragging on,
Time to end the wait and finally carry on.

Thought you knew me?

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Myriad dreams,
Crazy dreams crowd me,
Eluding the reality from myself,
Irritating me to cast them all away,
'Cause none have ever been true,
What more could I expect now?

So I sit motionless,
And keep waiting patiently,
Watching them burn and die,
Right before my dreamy eyes,
I feel them hacked to pieces,
And simply keep staring...

But when have they left me?
The very next moment they are back,
Drawing me to their world,
Conjuring up my numb desires,
Fetching them up for me,
And I give in, dreaming of thee.

Hippocratic thoughts,
Mindless thoughts reside here,
Tirelessly trying to motivate me,
Yet not an inch do I ever react,
'Cause not all are in my hands,
What more could I possibly do?

So I stare into the emptiness,
Hoping to let this phase pass away,
When they get an idea of how I am,
And stop pushing me to the limits,
In hope I'll undo all that had been done,
And simply keep staring...

But could my mind ever stop working?
The emptiness is even a boon to it,
The one who has nothing else to play with,
It inquires, provokes and begs of me,
And seldom I break down, try to sort it out,
And commit crimes, mistakes to thee.

Freaky smiles,
Extinct smiles work their way up,
Back on my face and into my life,
Pretending all is fine with me,
'Cause they can mask the gloominess,
What am I expected to do anyways?

So I wear a smile the way I can,
Wishing this be the exterior at least,
Keeping the satire and truth of fate away,
And cure me of being the laughing stalk,
All shocked to see me laugh my heart out,
And simply keep staring...

But does it mean I've come to faking?
I often have my moments, cherished ones,
Unknowingly connect to my beating heart,
For once I let go of this inhibition within me,
And stare at the facts as a layman could,
And smile again, laughing at thee.

'Cause I was always an obscure being!
Now keep guessing and go on betting,
'Cause none can win or lose against me,
And supposing you are confused again,
I have just one other question to you all,
You really thought you knew me enough?

The unspoken desires

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Did you ask what I want from you?
If you had, I would have answered,
I want to see you smile wide,
And show you the dimple on your face.
I want to share my few happiness,
And divide your sorrows forever.
I want to show you what you are worth,
And give you all even when unasked.
I want to take you around the world,
And land you at places you had never been.
I want to share my entire life with you,
And let you design it the way best for you.
I want to submit myself like to the Gods,
And rest in peace 'cause its in your hands.
I want to show you all that is possible,
And all that could be if we exist together,
When it would be only you and me.

Did you ask what I want from myself?
If you had, I would have answered,
I want to bring back my soul to life,
And see it alter me to another being.
I want to connect to my inner self,
And be the best of the men who stand.
I want to excel in whatever I ever did,
And bring my innovation into this world.
I want to be known in this teeming universe,
And watch people stare at me in jealousy.
I want to hand over my life to someone,
And smile on my choice of the special one.
I want to stop running from the truth,
And rectify the mistakes I've committed.
I want to live this life the way I never have,
And experience all that a man could ever do,
When it would be only me and you.

Sadly enough none ever had the time,
To even ask what I want in my life,
To even think what I could possibly desire,
And its funny I'm talking about it now,
When I didn't have the mind to inquire it too.
Where do all of us get busy so much?
Where do our thoughtful minds go for a toss,
When we have so much time and waste it?
And only when we get the "time out" error,
Realizing we have finally lost it all,
And our little lives have been crushed to dust,
Stretched over the memories and failures,
Unseen, unheeded by all, rejected in disgust,
As something that never was or never will be.

Do I have to wait forever to be asked again,
Or to get the chance to question myself?

In hope we always carry ourselves around,
Waiting in oblivion, watching silently, patiently,
For a stranger to pass us by, and so do I...

I'm waiting

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I'm here, waiting for you dear,
Standing at the verge of giving up,
But I'm trying to fight it to the end,
When would you end my miseries?

Do you even know I exist at all,
Waiting here for you to show up,
And brighten my life resting in shadows,
And rescue me from these fakers?

I'm here, waiting for you dear,
Searching for your distant glance,
Begging for your life's feather touch,
Striving hard to make you mine forever.

Do you even know I'm dying here,
Blinded by the smokes around me,
Choked for the want of a little solace,
Tired of gazing out into the futile darkness?

I'm here, waiting for you dear,
Hoping to unravel my small life's mystery,
Wishing that the girl I see is you this time,
And silently waiting for you to answer my call.

Do you even know how weak I am,
Losing all along, the best of memories,
The greatest of stories ending in ashes,
With moments never to be repeated again?

I'm here, waiting for you dear,
By the side of the old forgotten street,
Knowing you will be the only one there,
Might be searching for me too someday.

A revelation

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I never knew I looked so funny,
Or even I could make a few faces,
But I'm glad I'm mature quiet a bit,
Then again mind it, not too much.

I never knew I was too serious,
Or if I ever didn't smile for years,
But I'm rightly crazily laughing again,
Hope its within the back tracking limits.

I never knew I could converse a thought,
Or even put up a nonsense point of talk,
Now slowly I'm getting into the game,
Wishing I don't remain stuck at so.

I never knew she didn't talk too much,
Or even give some curious glances,
Yet she is mysterious never the less,
Which I mean to solve if given the time.

I never knew a few more still among them,
Or rather they gave me no reason to believe,
But they are yet, very prominently over here,
Some I would love to flush out from my memory.

I never knew I had memories no more,
Or a mind to process them all together,
Yet they float around my existence,
Nagging me sometimes out of my wits.

I never knew I had an existence in this era,
And even though not a truly formidable one,
Yet I could get into their heads I guess,
Just like my friend sitting next over there.

Me, and still you?

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I had known to have forgot all,
I knew I was back to being me,
I believed I was alive once more,
But you keep coming back here.

With just a small pinch of smile,
And in the world of the fakers,
Somehow look still very real!

I had gave up everything then,
I was supposed to start fresh,
I thought I was walking again,
But you keep crossing me more.

Where I can always hear your steps,
And cannot help, save ignore,
Looking not an inch above the floor.

I lived a hell lot tired days,
I kept every piece of my body busy,
I shouldered all responsibility with ease,
But you keep talking to my head.

Playing with my conscience,
Even with the little that is left,
In some corner of my mindless head.

I jumped into the world of tensions,
I swam across oceans of alcohol,
I steered my way into the smoke,
But you keep distracting my ways.

Once towards my goal,
Then away from it, miles away,
As if its some racing game.

I wished this was the end of it,
I told myself no more of the calls,
I promised myself of no more text,
But you keep weakening me even more.

Shaking my belief in myself,
Restoring all that I want to dream,
While every other thing is just a big void.

I kept hoping against all hopes,
I out weighed the dreams over reality,
I somehow barely survived alive,
But you keep being just you.

With all that you had with you,
With all that I loved in you,
'Cause it was always about you.
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