What do I mean?

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If I am silent for long,
Doesn't mean I'm thinking,
Possibly I have nothing more to do,
Other than staring into the emptiness!

If I am not talking to you,
Doesn't mean I don't want to,
Might be I can't speak to you,
I'm not the extrovert you think me!

If I am laughing at you,
Doesn't mean I'm not feeling for you,
'Cause some feeling are personal,
They can never be shown to you!

If I am smiling on the outside,
Doesn't mean I'm not crying within,
The tears could just have dried up,
And I'm left with nothing anymore!

If I appear to be too strong,
Doesn't mean I'm not in pain,
The fake strength is all I have now,
As I've overlooked the worries after all!

If I seem to be a free bird to you,
Doesn't mean I'm not bound in chains,
I could still be closed within myself,
Shackled to my myriad sweet memories!

If I am living every moment,
Doesn't mean I am not dying inside,
Could be I have been long dead,
I'm simply dragging the corpse around!

If I am doing something,
Doesn't mean I want to do it,
I just might not know what to do,
Most times I'm clueless what I mean!

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Contradictory emotions at every turn.
That's life.

Yes, always a confusion even within ourselves.
I admit.

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dats a beaytu zave..........surpasses ur last best post.......its d bst i hv read frm u nw..........really dis one hv such a meaning nd i cn vry well relate to some wrds......
its jst mindblowing..........

Hey, thanks.
I never thought it was one of my best, but if my readers say so, so be it!
To say the truth, its my life now. And possibly everyone has come across this at some point of their life I think.

well crafted as always. liked it very much

Thanks Deepak.


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