The time is gone

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How swiftly do things change!
How easily do we wither away!
How unlucky are the memories,
To remain as memories only,
Far away from being the reality,
Miles apart from our true lives!

There was a time,
When I loved to see those words,
Even the smallest mention of 'you',
In the facebook's recent updates,
Be it the joining of a silly group,
Or a small thought provoking note,
Or a beautifully penned poetry!

I still see those words,
Your cute profile pic popping up,
And still feel a gush of blood,
From every inch of my body,
Rushing in hope to fill my heart,
And see them get cold in the run,
By the time they reach their destiny,
Its boiling hot, scorching my heart,
Creating more fissures than mending,
Aching each bit more than soothing.

While there was sometime a 'me',
Re-reading and re-turning the pages,
To come back to 'you' again and again,
Now there is a 'me', a different 'me',
Wanting to run away from those words,
Shutting down those very pages quickly,
And hiding beneath some useless crap.
Scared to go to where I was,
Somewhere I did once belong,
Somewhere I always wanted to be,
Somewhere I definitely will never be!

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Painful to read.

Ya, I suppose that is whats left.

Yes, I suppose so.
Will ever be!

Time waits for NONE!

Can't help it, can we?

O fcourse. But it seemed to have changed course too quick.

advice fr u buddy....d more u run away frm it, d more dese memories vl haunt u......try to face dem, coz dats d only single road dat cn bring u bck to d original me.......

I suppose so, but then there are certain roads which cannot be traced back.
I've gone through one such road!

I guess im reading after a VERRRRY long time! :) AND there goes, you made me feel so poetic again! :)

I love yur poems! :)

This was EXTREMELY painful though! Broght tears to my eyes, and thats why i love your poems, i can feel it!

There's a message for you on my blog! :)

That is bad!
I better not make someone cry who makes me smile with her posts!
Thanks anyways.

By the way, what message are you talking about, I can't get that!

A wonderful poem :)

You already hav a mindblowing award...

Keep blowing our mind!!!!



Thank you for the appreciation.
I hope to continue like this further as well.

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