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Yes a lot many times,
Why do I lose it?
When I know it all,
The beginning and the end,
The futility of false hopes!

A few times each day,
Why do I want to cry?
Like its the only thing,
The one I can do myself,
That I have had not enough!

In unusual moments,
Why do I break?
'Cause I need to be strong,
Have to move on away,
But I simply feel crippled!

Most of the time,
Why I can't continue?
Get on with this life,
My friends and family,
'Cause that is all I've got!

I have no count,
Why do I remain stuck there?
Hanging where I shouldn't,
Dreaming the impossible,
Trying to relive the moments!

Even when I shouldn't,
Why do I feel lonely?
Even back at college,
Where I'm always busy,
When I really have no time!

All through the day,
Why do I pretend to be fine?
Scared to show my heart,
Fearful that no one understands,
Knowing there is no one at all!

With my friends,
Why do I try to smile?
When I should actually laugh,
My lips just won't stretch,
Adamant they always remain!

But at other times,
When I don't do the above,
I just breathe in the air,
And well, live it, for its sake,
Its not meaningless,
Yet not always!

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No it's not meaningless and it isn't futile but the sense of despair that seems to have gotten hold of you is certainly something I don't quite like. So either be strong or be bold. They're opposite roads and only you know which to take.

I'm walking on the road to take me away, but I'm facing the other road which leads to where I came from.
That is exactly what could explain my thoughts process.

I can understand that well. But what I mean is that you need to either walk away completely, which is difficult, or take a really bold step in the exact other direction, if you know what I mean; something I had been doing, albeit in vain. And that is equally tough. But you have to decide which one and then remain steadfast.

Yes, I get that.
I'm trying that actually.
I can't turn my back to the other road, the only way is if it fades away someday!
But it'll take time I suppose, isn't it?

sometimes.... and more often.... I do the same

Happy ti know that at least someone feels the same way.

dese all happnes wid everyone...dy don't words to place dis way..b'ful post..ur posts always leave a thought...!!

it's coz u hv decided to use a mask for ur face.......buddy cry aloud and let all of d pain go....let ur frnds be ur medication,atleast try to give dem a chance........coz only frnds cn mend d broken heart.....

I just hope everyone doesn't have such a day, its bad, isn't it?

The Aspirant,
Well, yes, you are correct to some extent, but then I cant always put on a gloomy face, in any case things will get better some day.
At least I can hope so!

great efforts...

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