The onlooker

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You could stare from a distance,
Just keep watching I say,
At least that will be definitely real,
Unless every other thing is a fake!

You never know how to expect,
Or could find no reason to do so?
And when there is no expectation,
There could be no reason to hurt!

You will have your dreams,
Elaborate, cute, unrealistic dreams,
And yet truer than the broken now,
So better keep living in your dreams!

Neither unfulfilled promises nor lost words,
No pondering about the future,
Just the five minute moment you live,
The only moment that could ever matter!

There will be no shackles to break free,
'Cause freedom still is all yours,
Whenever you want it to be yours,
Or when you decide it has to be she!

No sparks of passion to fly around,
Only an occasional racing heart beat,
Or a super sized 32 teethed smile,
Now forget everything and just enjoy!

Heart breaks remain the unseen ghosts,
And while you could have a drooping face,
You invariably end up getting cheered,
'Cause you were never a part of the race!

Just don't love someone yet so easily,
Simpler is to watch her from a distance,
'Cause I've seen numerous love turn traitors,
And most are always fearful of a defeat!

And now that I know all this and more,
I begin wondering why I never knew this,
Wishing had this been the way I was,
I could have been saved a million wars!

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**Wishing had this been the way I was,
I could have been saved a million wars!

Lovely expression. Loved the flow and randomness in writing.

I'm glad that you loved it.
And thank you for visiting my blog.
I hope to see you around.

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