I fell in love - 7 (Life goes on)

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"Life is simple, it is to live",
That is how it is supposed,
That is how my friends state,
Its like a theory we proposed!

Our life was simple, isn't it?
And it was to remain so too,
Yes we had our share of tensions,
But we felt for each other too!

And yet I didn't ever dream of it,
Not about the way it turned out,
But that I'm finally writing this verse,
The end, without very little doubt!

Mistake, a petty small word,
And yet it engulfs all of this,
Your and our and her and mine,
Not that was, but what now is.

Am I pretending to be hopeful?
No, not this time at least it seems,
Its truly devoid of hope and belief,
End of the future and the dreams!

What remains are a few verses,
Incomplete just the way my life is now,
Unnamed like this relation we have,
With no answer, when and as to how?

Our lives indeed have to move on,
Within ourselves and without us,
Life stops for neither of us just here,
So why brood over this huge fuss?

But I can answer their silly question,
"Have you even fallen in love?"
These seven verses should be all,
My pieces of soul, "I fell in love"!

P.S. - No more to this series.

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The number 7 is generally known as a lucky number. Something completely different here.
I've said this earlier with respect to me own experiences.
Moving on is a phrase only fools use. Falling out of love doesn't mean we stop loving the person we've had such wonderful times with, rather that we're not 'in love' with that person anymore. The love does remain. It is only subdued and the passion is gone.
And the beautiful poem and the rest of the series show how deeply and madly you love(d).
Cheers to your love, whatever the results may have been.

Yeah, lucky number!
I can just keep staring at those words you wrote, and can't help but give it a sad smile.
You always have something great to state.
Nice to have you here.

Sheesh, should I even be commenting?
I'm sorry if I shouldn't. And I can't simply say stuff like 'well written'.. So, um, life does go on, and I hope it does so well for you. Sorry. It was a beautiful thing that was. :(

Your choice entirely.
I know there is nothing to say, its expected.

buddy u hv learnt d gr8 art of penning down d pain of ur heart into words......nthin more to say coz we can't appreciate ppl fr d pain dey r getting....
things vl get better fr u fr sure, coz aftr u fall to underground dere's no place left to fall, u cn only raise ahead......

That is some inspiration.
Thanks mate.

Wonderfully written !

Thank you.

Good post

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