I can't see through you

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You were never a transparent crystal,
And yet I had my ways to get to you,
Even as the fog of confusion was alive,
I still could make my way through you,
Feeling the path to your inner self,
Searching and following the feeble light,
Which always illuminated your heart,
Something I always looked forward to.

I always knew when you were upset,
And when you were trying to pretend,
Even as I couldn't hear much of you.
I knew that sleepy voice of your's,
And knew when it was really time to sleep,
Even when I couldn't see your drooping eyes.
I could recognize the drag in your tone,
The subdued irritation in your words,
And the cries, even as I never saw the red eyes.

The fog seemed to have become too thick,
Or have you restricted me to where you are,
Keeping me away from yourself for my sake?
I still keep searching for that guiding light,
And remain lost in its blind, fruitless search.
All doors seem to be shut too tight,
All the colourful curtains drawn to a close,
And I keep standing here, confused!

I can't see through your falsehood anymore,
I always remain deceived by the girl I knew,
But this girl is no more unknown to me,
She is the same girl I love and care,
And yet she has changed for good or worse,
I couldn't keep track of the time enough,
I couldn't understand her just enough,
I couldn't come up to her worth enough!

And yet, I've not lost hope,
I keep searching for you,
Still trying...
I ask myself, really?

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