A goodbye

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Faking the smile is easy,
Conjuring the poetic soul is not.

Reasoning out with the mind is easy,
Bringing back the heart to life is not.

Losing an inspiration is easy,
Rediscovering it once more is not.

Writing something is easy,
Writing without an impetus is not.

Picking up a pen is easy,
Resting it for the lifetime is not.

Ending something is easy,
Forcibly carrying it on is not.

Saying hello to the world is easy,
Biding it good bye is definitely not.

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I'll consider a goodbye when when your poetic soul says it to be so. Not when the poet's hand is weak. It just needs rest. So do you. Be back soon, my friend (in the blog world; I see you everyday in the real world). This is no goodbye.

Its good to be optimistic for sure!

Good write up. But I'm hoping to see you back soon. May be tomorrow :)


reading a poem is easy
not hearing its echoes is not

Sorry, but you might be disappointed.

@Human being,
That is for my readers to say.

hey buddy i knw u vl b bck coz u knw a poet only dies wen his soul is far far away frm his body nd dat day is vry far away frm u yet...

come soon buddy...

cheers :) (coz dis wrd jst keep me moving may b cn keep u too)

Yes, that is true. But the soul and the body are in total conflict these days.
Dunno when it'll be together again!

I wish very soon you will be together again. By the way that's a nice piece of poetry..keep writing please.

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