That one day

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I can still feel the heat,
The sweat beads flowing,
The half-closed eyes,
Burning in the sun,
After a wait till infinity,
The weather I described.

I can still see the light,
The bright white I love,
And the murky orange,
Or even the stinging one,
Of the small lamp burning,
Resting still on the table.

I remember the clock,
The time that ticked away,
Unnoticed and alone,
Slipping out of my hands,
Like an invisible shadow,
Floating up to the sky.

I still think of the number,
Glowing in green on the AC,
With everything under control,
The cold and the numbness,
And then my little silly help,
The touch of the fingers.

I can still see the distance,
And a long wait, hours,
For that to close to zero,
And the reasons for it,
Bending my head in tears,
For fear they be noticed.

I can still smell the fragrance,
Experienced first hand,
Once and once again,
Brushing against the hair,
Long, black and half-curled,
And getting lost in them.

I still yearn for that embrace,
The once in a lifetime,
The first of many to come,
Pure, scared, devoid of lust,
Just a bond, a string,
Pulling two lives together.

I can still feel the cushion,
Below and at times above,
That soft naughty force,
The mix of the moisture,
The taste of the pink,
The lock without a key.

I still feel sleepy,
But its just not enough,
To wake in my dreams,
And live the day and night,
Or to stare into emptiness,
And then fall back again.

I still hate to think,
I walked in the morning,
Had to leave her alone,
Standing at the corner,
Of the street she lived,
When I still had a little time.

I still wanna go back,
To the one day I lived,
And will never live again,
The day I met my life,
And came face to face,
To my present and future!

P.S. - This poem is dedicated to the day (8th June) I met my love for the first time. Notably we had fallen in love even before we had seen each other.

P.P.S. - I love you.

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me too have a fond memory about 8th june. will disclose some other time :-(

Fond memories?
But why the sad smiley at the end?

I think this is one of the best you've ever written, mate.
That must have been one hell of a glorious day, I can tell!
May you guys have numerous more such days to share.

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dude, m back.........
nd ur posts r becoming more soulful and deep.....
keep up d awesum wrk ......
cheers :)

ahem usual niCe !!!
both the pic as well a s the poem ...

Thanks yaar.
I really hope things go even better.

@The Aspirant-
Hey, welcome back.
Long time since I saw you in the blogging circuit.
Exams over I suppose.

You are the only one who comments on the pic as well as on the poem.


waise...u cud well ryt to me addressed as pankhuri...

Sorry Pankhuri.

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