My plan

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I didn't plan to write this out,
I never knew I could compose.
My plan was to blurt out myself,
And feel the joy in doing so.

I didn't plan to make this blog,
I never knew blogging was in me.
My plan was to be socially active,
And blogging was a way to do it.

I didn't plan to live in my verses,
I never knew their subtle meaning.
My plan was to write as a hobby,
And scribble for the fun in it.

I didn't plan to open up my heart,
I never knew poems spoke from it.
My plan was to keep all to myself,
And be a closed, secure book.

I didn't plan to keep writing from then,
I never knew I wouldn't tire out.
My plan was to type and forget,
And seldom come back there.

I didn't plan to paint the verses anew,
I never knew the colours were not lost.
My plan was to let the scribbler be buried,
And preclude it from further stinging pain.

But my plans seldom do work out,
And this one failed miserably,
And it grew into my passion and love,
Only when you rewrote my life's book.

P.S. - A land mark this is for me. This marks the 100th post of my blog. At least something to cheer about, isn't it?

P.P.S. - I thank all my fellow blogger friends who have criticized, appreciated and inspired me to keep writing. And the special one who brought me back to the world of poetry. Thank you love.

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Congrats buddy...keep writing!!

The century shall be celebrated! We shall party 'til dawn and you will write something new! :D
Nice poem, buddy.

congratulations brother for your 100th post.... keep writing....

congoooooooooooooooo !!!

Congrats on your hundredth post! Keep the poems(and all else) coming! :)

Nice post Zave and its good your plans didn't work as we come to read you.. congratulations a lot for the century.

Thanks mate.

Party, that is fine, but that long?
I'll go broke buddy!

@Deepak and Dhupa-
Thank you yet again.

Of course, anything for you dear.
They will just keep coming.
i hope you are ready for each one of them.

Thanks for those kind words.
Its the readership that has kept me going for so long and will in the future as well.

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well, another gud poem by u yaar......
nd congos fr ur 100 posts......
m on my wrk of reading all pending posts, so u vl keep getting my comments on ur all old posts in dese 2-3 daz :P

@The Aspirant-
Thanks mate.
I appreciate that.

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