Dreamy dreams

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Lost in the deathly silence of the night,
I remain stranded in my world all alone,
Bleeding and crying in my loneliness,
Afraid to open my forced shut eyes,
Scared that finally this is not a dream.

I've dreamt more than enough already,
Not to dream any more in this lifetime,
Watched them grow tall and healthy,
And then seen them reduced to dust,
I am tired of breaking them anymore.

I never dreamt, never could do,
Then you came along in my life,
And brought along the fairy tale life,
To live forever and last the eternity,
And I knew this was to stay of course.

But I didn't know I was dreaming,
Already in your trance I had entered,
And I dreamt, the first in my entire life,
Since then I kept sinking deep in its world,
Unknown that none of it was at all real.

One after another they just came,
Building castles in my not so happy life,
And I never ever doubted their  strength,
Forgetting anything can happen here,
Because it is, but the world of dreams.

And all proved to be what they were,
Dreamy dreams!

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Good life itself is a dream, my friend. We only wake up when the gross reality of how harsh it really can be smacks us in the face.
Well written. :)

..it was nice zave...!!!...dreams are not always dreamy..

Keep your dreams alive, always, mate. To achieve anything you require faith and belief in yourself, vision, hard work, determination, and dedication.

Life is full of beauty. Notice it. And also, at the same time, life is full of bullshit. Notice that, too!

quite true yaar.........dreams r nvr true unless u work for dem wen u r awake........
btw nice flow of wrds.....

nd hv written a new post, wud luv if u read dat, coz already vry few ppl read me......so....;)

cheers :)

D2, well said.
Indeed when things seem to go our way it seems more than just a dream.

Vidisha, yes not always, but most of the times dreams are indeed what they seem, dreams!

Quite true, dreams are important to us, aren't they?

@The Aspirant-
Correct once again.
I'll check on your blog soon.

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