Be real for me

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Where are you right now?
Do you feel my heart cry?
Burdened by the weights,
Heavy as hell thrown on me,
Your absence is all I see,
Why can't I feel your hands.
Wiping my tears as they flow?
Why can't I tell you all,
This mystery, this hurtful soul,
Bent on revenge and filled with rage?
I'm searching frantically,
Wandering my empty hands,
Over all the trash I see here,
Just to feel your touch once.
Why are you not not here with me?

Imaginations are all that is left of me,
And I'm hallucinating you,
Breathing your love,
Kissing your hurt,
Feeling your heart,
In old faith you'll do too,
And I'll have some peace,
But why is this?
Why can't I feel you around me?
Why is this feeling of loneliness,
Killing me every second?
Crushing me into bits and pieces,
Each moment I spent,
Times spent uselessly,
Without you.

I need you dear,
I want you now,
Just be real for me,
For all I see are shadows,
Shadows of my past,
And glimpse of the future!

P.S. - Quite a few days ago, 20 days to be exact, I had written this.

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One of the best pieces of poetry I've read in a while.
Forced loneliness can be a major killer, mate.

lovely! Written so so so so well! :)

One of the best?
That is a little hard to digest
Yet, thanks.

Thank you dear.

thats quite gud buddy.........
bt i suppose sumtyms it's better to not see d reaslity as it hurts more...........

Yes that is an option available.
But what if we can't overlook the reality?

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