After an year

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I'm back again,
I return to the woods,
In an undying faith,
To relive those moments.
To smell the soft virgin air,
Unadulterated my the sun.
To gather it cold aura,
Untouched by the golden rays.
To listen to the creaks,
Of the numerous stout trees,
Standing aloft in pride.
To stare at their baby leaves,
Covered in a layer of moisture,
And a fine veil of dust.
To tread on the selfish stones,
Sitting right in the middle of the street.
To trample the red dust below,
And feel its cushion on my feet,
And glide over patches of mud,
In my own childish glee.

I came back here again,
To be challenged once more,
By the distance that keeps growing,
And the road which knows no end.
To realize the limits of my own,
And set more of them.
To make myself hungry for the air,
And gasp at the fresh blowing wind.
To feel my heart racing on,
Amidst the rising music beats.

Finally I've come back,
And experienced it all,
Ye there is a void in me,
An emptiness refusing to fill,
A wound failing to heal,
Why is my heart not singing?
How has it forgotten its lyrics?
Why is it not at peace?
Can someone answer me please.

P.S. - Written a long time ago, a month ago I suppose.

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