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What a lovely day it was!
Bright, sunny and no class,
When I heard the pop of IM,
A wide smile spreads across,
As I recollect that first day,
Flipping through the pages,
In my own joyous delight.

A welcome change from then,
The maturity and the strength,
All and sundry rebuilt in time,
Drifting to the memories I own,
As I bask in this lovely glory,
Reading the letter which says it all,
The past, present and the future.

I close my eyes and start dreaming,
Trying to rekindle the fire in me,
The crazy passion which was alive,
The hunger of love that I had felt,
As I gaze at the images of my past,
And even though they were not too many,
History had repeated more than thrice!

Running away from the bitter truth,
That neither is life all rosy, nor is love,
I read through the pain and the hurt,
And replenish my bleeding wounds,
As the buried evil comes back to haunt,
Reclaiming my little laughter anew,
Pushing me back to the hell hole.

I stagger back to my diminishing reality,
Trying to recollect the smiles in vain,
But just when I seem to lose everything,
The fog of love spreads over my mind,
Masking the devils in its divine white,
My heart begins to beat and feel,
While I retreat to my cherished dream!

P.S. - Yes, I still miss her.

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Especially the second and third verses.
I like the way you've changed the flow abruptly.

Thank you, thank you.

Super awesome. LOVED it!

@The virgin author-
Thank you for the appreciation and the visit.

You're welcome, chief! :) Keep writing.

nice:)...but sad...cheer up!

Thank you.

Wow, lovely! :)

i liked it a lotttt!! :)

But hmphh...sad! :(

Well written! ^_^

Thanks. I'm glad you found it praise worthy. :)
Sadness gets the best out of me, I suppose that is why my posts are generally sad!

nothing different yaar/........dese feelings r quite obvious fr d persons who r thinkers......

Me, thinker?
No way!
Just a set of random thoughts.

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