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Did you try,
To leap across the wall,
Only to sit at the top of a water tank,
Just for the sake of breaking rules,
And have some adrenaline running,
In a windy star lit skied night.
If you didn't,
You should definitely try!

Did you try,
To jump off your balcony,
Then the low security wall,
Only to run away home,
For the sake of being there,
When none gave you the permission.
If you didn't,
You should till you could!

Did you try,
To stand before you seniors,
Shaking in fear and helplessness,
And then as the ceremony began,
Try to keep their silly scary wishes,
And later laugh at everything you did!
If you didn't,
You could try, its fun too actually!

Did you try,
To pull off the towel,
The only one your friend was wearing,
Just to make him beg for mercy,
And record the same in your possession,
Only to keep black mailing him again.
If you didn't,
You should definitely secure your position!

Did you try,
To pour juice,
Over your best friend's head,
At a place you best desired,
And see him grinding his teeth,
Just to want a piece of you,
If you didn't,
you should enjoy the scene!

Did you try,
To go on a long walk,
On the busy roads topless,
In the evening while girls passed by,
And be happy that you dared,
When you didn't have the best of physic,
If you didn't,
You should see that stare!

Did you try,
To pick up a fight,
Knowing it could be left alone,
But the stupid ego hopping a lot,
And hence you took on him alone,
Not knowing what the outcome could be.
If you didn't,
I hope you could never try!

Did you try,
To stand up against the authority,
Only to be chased by the police,
And spent the days hiding in shadows,
Trying to help your friends who are in need,
Even when you were not at fault even a bit.
If you didn't,
At least know this, you can seldom win!

Did you try,
To give an exam,
Without preparing even a bit,
And come out grinning out of the hall,
'Cause you knew everything of it,
Or you couldn't possibly know a thing.
If you didn't,
You should dare sometime!

Did you try,
To shout at your teacher,
Knowing he could fail you if he wanted,
And then repent why you did it,
While scampering later around him,
When your worst dream came true.
If you didn't,
You definitely shouldn't try!

Did you try,
To spent all you have,
Be a broke for the rest month,
And borrow from numerous others,
Only to ask for a little more time,
Each time they ask for their share.
If you didn't,
You should see, it feels not that bad!

Did you try,
To lie to your parents,
Only to go on a long trip,
Not with your friends but alone,
Precisely to meet your girl friend,
To spent a few days with her.
If you didn't,
You should make a girl friend first!

Did you try,
To bet on the beers,
See who could drink most in,
And even when you won the bet,
You sat there puking all day,
Wishing you hadn't won the thing.
If you didn't,
You could probably try!

Did you try,
To enjoy this life,
The blissful years at college,
A life which will never come back,
And you'll just have memories,
Always calling you away to those days.
If you didn't,
You should start doing so immediately!

I've just a year left here,
As I look back to the days gone,
I feel so much more is to be done,
So will just live these days,
Not for the sake of it, to live,
But live, like I was born for this,
Before they come to a sudden end!

P.S. - A tribute to the three years at college. One yet to go.

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i had a smile on my face while reading this :)

i did do some of these (will have to kill u if i told u, which ones :P )

I better be alive without knowing your secrets than die with them!
But I'm trying to figure out which of these you tried!

"Did you try,
To lie to your parents,
Only to go on a long trip,
Not with your friends but alone,
Precisely to meet your girl friend,
To spent a few days with her.
If you didn't,
You should make a girl friend first!"

:D :D
HOW nice!

Loved this one, really! It was so much fun!
And it makes me envious! But still, I'm glad for lucky you.. Awesome poem! :)

PS- I can see you in the pic! ;) :)

That incident specially added a feather in my crown.
And yes, this life could seem envious.
And thanks, for the appreciation and for noticing me in the pic.
I didn't think it was possible.

I know that shirt. :)

very well described college life. I think i was not that crazy during my college days.

overall a good composition but it was too lengthy to finish bro. don't mind. but it was excellent :-)

For me crazy is the other name for my college. Its good, but crazy.
And yes, it was lengthy, but I just wrote and wrote till I was satisfied. But I was happy none the less.

well, don't take it otherwise bro :-)

Of course, you don't need to worry.
Appreciation in any form is welcome!
I'm happy that you did point out.
I got an opinion.


A smaller wow would have sufficed.

Eeee!! :))

Im going to college now! This is so happening! :)) hehe, now im awaiting college even more! :)

College is full of fun. Just enjoy it, you'll never get those days back.
Best of luck.

Hey my brother! I don't know why i never read this one earlier!
I have done more or less all of these things, as you well know!
Incredibly well described, mate.
The last three years have been monumental. Definitely the best years of my life. It'll be great to have you with me for at least one more.

Absolutely, nothing in this world could be more valuable than the days I've spent in college, and well spent them!

buddy in my 2yrs of college, i have tried many things u hv said but much are still left.....but dis is a totally awesum post.......

College life is so amazing that the post about it was bound to be as well.
Thanks anyway.

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