I can't write

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The music is gone,
The heart sings no more,
The words burned to ashes,
They simply cannot rhyme!

The inspiration just not there,
Imaginations fail me now,
The emotions have dried up,
I've been feeling so numb!

Always lost in thought,
Drifting in my memories,
I see none, nothing at all,
As I keep searching for you.

The verses are lost,
I can't write any more!

P.S. - If I said I'll be perfectly fine without you, I lied.

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Lot of pain in it ...lots of it...the poem dint rhyme, but made perfect sense

Gr8 work


Thank you.
Pain it is, yes, lots and lots, more than this verse can ever portray.

Aaww!! :( I felt your pain! :(

Beautifully written! :) Loved it! Very flowy and painful and teary too! :)

Thank you.
Pain is all I'm left with.

Poetry doesn't need to rhyme, and this was awesome.
I feel the ache inside you, buddy. This was indeed inspirational.
I loved the lines, "Imaginations fail me now,The emotions have dried up"
But cheer up, nevertheless.

Yes, I know, I more than often don't rhyme.
Yet, its not like I did not, I simply could not rhyme.
That was something.

yes, u can my friend. memories are great inspiration.

well written

Can I?
Might be after sometime I would.
I've my fingers crossed!

"If I said I'll be perfectly fine without you, I lied."
The above line is so true. Its only when the other person has left do we realise that they have taken a chunk of us along with themselves and its so difficult to carry on with that void.
Beautifully expressed.

Yes, when we do have someone we don't realize what we have.
The loss is what gives us the realization.
Thank you for visiting my blog.

well, things r quite true but i think u write better.......
coz yaar with pain u write the heart inside out....

Yes, but sometimes the pain also leads to a writer's block.
Trust me I've faced lots of them.

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