Her last moments

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She stretched her hands out,
In a wild hope they be held by me,
Trembling in an excruciating pain,
Blood dripping from her timid fingers,
Soft and small, treasured and priceless,
But she didn't get the last of my touch,
'Cause I was away, many a miles apart!

She chuntered a bunch of words,
Too weak to show her disdain,
Over me, she had all the rights on,
For at least once she missed me,
As I missed her myriad times before,
But she was devoid of me till the end,
'Cause all thought I was too weak to hear!

Her silly ears had been eavesdropping,
Frantically gathering all she could feel,
Like she felt this was it, her dooms day,
And in undying hope to hear me speak,
To call out her name with all love in me,
But her longing desires still remained so,
'Cause I knew she was still shopping!

Her eyes half closed in defeat,
At the hands of the merciless fate,
Who robbed her of all that she got,
And she lay on her bed motionless,
Regretting her unfulfilled dreams,
But that was how cruel life could be,
'Cause it never thinks about you and me?

Her sleek fair feet laid motionless,
Seemingly she could feel them no more,
As she looked at them helplessly in pain,
Not mindful of the ashes of her body remains,
Or of today when she could still be there for me,
But of the days which could never be again,
'Cause her end was what she was staring!

Her thoughts might not be cursing me,
The love was too much to turn to hate,
Yet I knew I was the one at fault for this,
When I was there wherever she wanted to be,
Only today that I couldn't be there by her side,
But how on earth could I think of being there,
'Cause the other side of her world I reside!

Her heart rushed ahead in pain,
Racing against itself, away from time,
Beating random for the few final times,
Wishing she be triumphant over death,
And relive like that day didn't even matter,
But her heart gave up the fight too soon,
'Cause I never heard that beat again!

I heard she never did actually cry,
Nor did she ever say a proper good bye,
She wanted to stay here and be with us,
Guiding us through the walks of our life,
Like she had always tried to do to me,
But I wish I didn't have to barely feel her,
'Cause she is not where she wished to be!

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in ur earlier posts u wrote she is fine and back. wat happened now brother. everything alright???

This is about the girl whom I had lost nearly 5 years ago.
Just looking back into the memories of her.

yeah right, memories... what a word. it has all the past

Yes, memory is a very powerful thing we have got!

I'm sorry for your loss Zave, but pain has a weird way of making the best emerge from us. Nice poem..

It was a long time ago, and yet seems like of yesterday.

no wrds vl suffice my feelings abt dis post.............
jst no wrds,coz i want to remain in dis aura fr sumtym.......

I know.
I myself have been in its trance for quite some time.

Dnt know if this poem shud have been posted or not...

I'll just be silent.
Its your opinion and I respect that.

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