Every morning

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Some rising with the day anew,
Sleepy with a hint of their dreams,
A gleaming beauty in their eyes,
Smiling with the delight of the past,
A long night and a new day ahead!

Some irritated faces work up to stand,
Tired, "if only the night would be long",
Prepare for an old battle fought long,
Repeating all that was and ever will be,
A rusty set of weapons and a defeat!

I, amidst the cool refreshing breeze,
Warm rays of light flooding the air,
The night yet not obeyed, not slept,
Smelling the hopeful usual morning,
A cold morn and a hot cup of tea!

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I generally live within the second or third verse!
Nice poem, buddy.

Nice one! :)
Liked it! :)
Written well! :P
I love the cold mornings and a hot cup of tea thing! :P

Me too!
But right now living only in the third verse!

The nights are the favourite time of my day, and so is the cold morning!

well, quite a refreshing post yaar........

Thanks buddy.

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