Come away with me

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"I'm living in obscurity,
What should I do?
Answers confuse me.
The days gone by,
The long or the lovely,
The uncertain or the witty,
Every single moment,
The bloody or the hearty,
The alert or the casual,
All keep staring at me,
Right at my stern face,
Blocking every path,
Of my possible escape.
Yes I am, I am weak,
Getting so everyday".
She heard me and said,
“Come away with me”.

"There are my duties,
Those I believe my own,
Rules I lived by all my life,
Even before I had you,
And that was all of me,
My wishes and prayers,
My help and support,
My present and future.
And getting you here,
I've a future anew,
Days I've feared dreaming,
Those which I wanna live,
Living like its my life,
I'm living for me, myself.
Isn't it hypocrisy to change?
To run away like a coward?
Like those days never were?
I'm confused my love,
I don't know what to do".
She replied calmly,
“Come away with me”.

"I have choices now,
For the first time in life,
And now I know it,
They don't make you rich,
They lure you in a fight,
Till you are torn into two.
Love for my country,
For the pride I have,
Love for my people,
For the pledges I took,
Love for my mates,
For the years together,
And two,
Love for you,
Of the time spent together,
Of the kisses we shared,
Of the dreams we dreamt,
Of the promises we made,
Of this life as well as the after!
What is for me to do?
I turn to you dear".
She said once more,
“Come away with me”.

"They call me,
The chatter of the bullets,
The bang of the grenade,
The cling of the metal,
The blood soaked soil,
The flow of adrenaline,
The urge to command,
The valour I bathe in.
But you hold me down,
With meaningless curious talks,
With breath taking charms,
With scintillating smile,
With majestic beauty.
And I stare in oblivion,
Not knowing where to go".
She simply smiled and said,
“Come away with me”.

"Whom do I belong?
Where do I belong?
What should I do?
Tell me if you can,
'Cause I can't figure it,
I can't face this truth,
I'm too weak to decide,
Too coward to run away,
Too emotional to hurt,
Too egoistic to let down,
Answer me sweetheart,
Stay with me here,
Help me take a step".
She held my hand,
“Come away with me”.

"She always commanded,
I always followed,
Hate to disobey now,
As I see my heart,
Grow weak again,
Pierced by the bullet,
Two love of my life,
Both united for once,
One which makes it beat,
The other forces to stop.
As I remember the words,
The only ones I had said,
Before I left her all by herself,
Which stand null and void,
As I stare at my defeat,
Three words I meant,
“I will, promise” "!

P.S. - The inspiration is the movie, "Dear John", based on the book "Dear John" by Nicholas Sparks.

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Man, this is beautiful.
Incredibly touching.

Thanks mate!
Glad you liked it.
Hope you saw the movie too.

Simply amazing, I enjoyed reading very much :)

Thanks for the appreciation.
I'm very glad you liked it.

quite nice buddyy.....

@The Aspirant-
Thanks mate.

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