Thoughts at the moment - 2

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An idle mind wandering,
Into the empty cavern of reasons.
And a silly heart searching,
For some non-existent happy beats.

A pair of burning eyes,
Wanting to rest and close down.
And a flurry of optimistic thoughts,
Believe they can then live a dream.

My not so heavy body,
Saying, "work up, I need to be fit".
And a weak pair of legs,
Naturally longing for a little peace.

An overly lazy boy,
More interested in just remaining still.
And a hopelessly poetic soul,
In a misconception that it can write.

P.S. - I think I'll sleep now.

Every morning

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Some rising with the day anew,
Sleepy with a hint of their dreams,
A gleaming beauty in their eyes,
Smiling with the delight of the past,
A long night and a new day ahead!

Some irritated faces work up to stand,
Tired, "if only the night would be long",
Prepare for an old battle fought long,
Repeating all that was and ever will be,
A rusty set of weapons and a defeat!

I, amidst the cool refreshing breeze,
Warm rays of light flooding the air,
The night yet not obeyed, not slept,
Smelling the hopeful usual morning,
A cold morn and a hot cup of tea!

Thoughts at the moment - 1

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What a lovely day it was!
Bright, sunny and no class,
When I heard the pop of IM,
A wide smile spreads across,
As I recollect that first day,
Flipping through the pages,
In my own joyous delight.

A welcome change from then,
The maturity and the strength,
All and sundry rebuilt in time,
Drifting to the memories I own,
As I bask in this lovely glory,
Reading the letter which says it all,
The past, present and the future.

I close my eyes and start dreaming,
Trying to rekindle the fire in me,
The crazy passion which was alive,
The hunger of love that I had felt,
As I gaze at the images of my past,
And even though they were not too many,
History had repeated more than thrice!

Running away from the bitter truth,
That neither is life all rosy, nor is love,
I read through the pain and the hurt,
And replenish my bleeding wounds,
As the buried evil comes back to haunt,
Reclaiming my little laughter anew,
Pushing me back to the hell hole.

I stagger back to my diminishing reality,
Trying to recollect the smiles in vain,
But just when I seem to lose everything,
The fog of love spreads over my mind,
Masking the devils in its divine white,
My heart begins to beat and feel,
While I retreat to my cherished dream!

P.S. - Yes, I still miss her.

I can't write

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The music is gone,
The heart sings no more,
The words burned to ashes,
They simply cannot rhyme!

The inspiration just not there,
Imaginations fail me now,
The emotions have dried up,
I've been feeling so numb!

Always lost in thought,
Drifting in my memories,
I see none, nothing at all,
As I keep searching for you.

The verses are lost,
I can't write any more!

P.S. - If I said I'll be perfectly fine without you, I lied.

Déjà vu

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Of smoky vision,
Of the long gone days,
Of moments I've never been in.

Of unseen times,
Haunting to be very true,
When I know they can never be so.

The present,
Acts seem repeated,
Rising up from my undead past.

A strange one,
Like I've been there,
And done what I did again, just now.

Déjà vu,
Is what I call,
Is what I feel at times,
I know its the truth, when its far from that.

In this life...

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Did you try,
To leap across the wall,
Only to sit at the top of a water tank,
Just for the sake of breaking rules,
And have some adrenaline running,
In a windy star lit skied night.
If you didn't,
You should definitely try!

Did you try,
To jump off your balcony,
Then the low security wall,
Only to run away home,
For the sake of being there,
When none gave you the permission.
If you didn't,
You should till you could!

Did you try,
To stand before you seniors,
Shaking in fear and helplessness,
And then as the ceremony began,
Try to keep their silly scary wishes,
And later laugh at everything you did!
If you didn't,
You could try, its fun too actually!

Did you try,
To pull off the towel,
The only one your friend was wearing,
Just to make him beg for mercy,
And record the same in your possession,
Only to keep black mailing him again.
If you didn't,
You should definitely secure your position!

Did you try,
To pour juice,
Over your best friend's head,
At a place you best desired,
And see him grinding his teeth,
Just to want a piece of you,
If you didn't,
you should enjoy the scene!

Did you try,
To go on a long walk,
On the busy roads topless,
In the evening while girls passed by,
And be happy that you dared,
When you didn't have the best of physic,
If you didn't,
You should see that stare!

Did you try,
To pick up a fight,
Knowing it could be left alone,
But the stupid ego hopping a lot,
And hence you took on him alone,
Not knowing what the outcome could be.
If you didn't,
I hope you could never try!

Did you try,
To stand up against the authority,
Only to be chased by the police,
And spent the days hiding in shadows,
Trying to help your friends who are in need,
Even when you were not at fault even a bit.
If you didn't,
At least know this, you can seldom win!

Did you try,
To give an exam,
Without preparing even a bit,
And come out grinning out of the hall,
'Cause you knew everything of it,
Or you couldn't possibly know a thing.
If you didn't,
You should dare sometime!

Did you try,
To shout at your teacher,
Knowing he could fail you if he wanted,
And then repent why you did it,
While scampering later around him,
When your worst dream came true.
If you didn't,
You definitely shouldn't try!

Did you try,
To spent all you have,
Be a broke for the rest month,
And borrow from numerous others,
Only to ask for a little more time,
Each time they ask for their share.
If you didn't,
You should see, it feels not that bad!

Did you try,
To lie to your parents,
Only to go on a long trip,
Not with your friends but alone,
Precisely to meet your girl friend,
To spent a few days with her.
If you didn't,
You should make a girl friend first!

Did you try,
To bet on the beers,
See who could drink most in,
And even when you won the bet,
You sat there puking all day,
Wishing you hadn't won the thing.
If you didn't,
You could probably try!

Did you try,
To enjoy this life,
The blissful years at college,
A life which will never come back,
And you'll just have memories,
Always calling you away to those days.
If you didn't,
You should start doing so immediately!

I've just a year left here,
As I look back to the days gone,
I feel so much more is to be done,
So will just live these days,
Not for the sake of it, to live,
But live, like I was born for this,
Before they come to a sudden end!

P.S. - A tribute to the three years at college. One yet to go.

Describing hurt

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Red walls,
Breathing red walls.

Sharp nail,
Long sharp nail.

Crack in the wall,
Crack due to the nail.

Weak pipe,
Short weak pipe.

Dark passage,
Long dark passage.

Pipe choked,
Pipe choked in the passage.

Tired mind,
Lonely tired mind.

Beating heart,
Slow beating heart.

Mind goes for a walk,
Heart remains where it was.

Her last moments

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She stretched her hands out,
In a wild hope they be held by me,
Trembling in an excruciating pain,
Blood dripping from her timid fingers,
Soft and small, treasured and priceless,
But she didn't get the last of my touch,
'Cause I was away, many a miles apart!

She chuntered a bunch of words,
Too weak to show her disdain,
Over me, she had all the rights on,
For at least once she missed me,
As I missed her myriad times before,
But she was devoid of me till the end,
'Cause all thought I was too weak to hear!

Her silly ears had been eavesdropping,
Frantically gathering all she could feel,
Like she felt this was it, her dooms day,
And in undying hope to hear me speak,
To call out her name with all love in me,
But her longing desires still remained so,
'Cause I knew she was still shopping!

Her eyes half closed in defeat,
At the hands of the merciless fate,
Who robbed her of all that she got,
And she lay on her bed motionless,
Regretting her unfulfilled dreams,
But that was how cruel life could be,
'Cause it never thinks about you and me?

Her sleek fair feet laid motionless,
Seemingly she could feel them no more,
As she looked at them helplessly in pain,
Not mindful of the ashes of her body remains,
Or of today when she could still be there for me,
But of the days which could never be again,
'Cause her end was what she was staring!

Her thoughts might not be cursing me,
The love was too much to turn to hate,
Yet I knew I was the one at fault for this,
When I was there wherever she wanted to be,
Only today that I couldn't be there by her side,
But how on earth could I think of being there,
'Cause the other side of her world I reside!

Her heart rushed ahead in pain,
Racing against itself, away from time,
Beating random for the few final times,
Wishing she be triumphant over death,
And relive like that day didn't even matter,
But her heart gave up the fight too soon,
'Cause I never heard that beat again!

I heard she never did actually cry,
Nor did she ever say a proper good bye,
She wanted to stay here and be with us,
Guiding us through the walks of our life,
Like she had always tried to do to me,
But I wish I didn't have to barely feel her,
'Cause she is not where she wished to be!

Come away with me

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"I'm living in obscurity,
What should I do?
Answers confuse me.
The days gone by,
The long or the lovely,
The uncertain or the witty,
Every single moment,
The bloody or the hearty,
The alert or the casual,
All keep staring at me,
Right at my stern face,
Blocking every path,
Of my possible escape.
Yes I am, I am weak,
Getting so everyday".
She heard me and said,
“Come away with me”.

"There are my duties,
Those I believe my own,
Rules I lived by all my life,
Even before I had you,
And that was all of me,
My wishes and prayers,
My help and support,
My present and future.
And getting you here,
I've a future anew,
Days I've feared dreaming,
Those which I wanna live,
Living like its my life,
I'm living for me, myself.
Isn't it hypocrisy to change?
To run away like a coward?
Like those days never were?
I'm confused my love,
I don't know what to do".
She replied calmly,
“Come away with me”.

"I have choices now,
For the first time in life,
And now I know it,
They don't make you rich,
They lure you in a fight,
Till you are torn into two.
Love for my country,
For the pride I have,
Love for my people,
For the pledges I took,
Love for my mates,
For the years together,
And two,
Love for you,
Of the time spent together,
Of the kisses we shared,
Of the dreams we dreamt,
Of the promises we made,
Of this life as well as the after!
What is for me to do?
I turn to you dear".
She said once more,
“Come away with me”.

"They call me,
The chatter of the bullets,
The bang of the grenade,
The cling of the metal,
The blood soaked soil,
The flow of adrenaline,
The urge to command,
The valour I bathe in.
But you hold me down,
With meaningless curious talks,
With breath taking charms,
With scintillating smile,
With majestic beauty.
And I stare in oblivion,
Not knowing where to go".
She simply smiled and said,
“Come away with me”.

"Whom do I belong?
Where do I belong?
What should I do?
Tell me if you can,
'Cause I can't figure it,
I can't face this truth,
I'm too weak to decide,
Too coward to run away,
Too emotional to hurt,
Too egoistic to let down,
Answer me sweetheart,
Stay with me here,
Help me take a step".
She held my hand,
“Come away with me”.

"She always commanded,
I always followed,
Hate to disobey now,
As I see my heart,
Grow weak again,
Pierced by the bullet,
Two love of my life,
Both united for once,
One which makes it beat,
The other forces to stop.
As I remember the words,
The only ones I had said,
Before I left her all by herself,
Which stand null and void,
As I stare at my defeat,
Three words I meant,
“I will, promise” "!

P.S. - The inspiration is the movie, "Dear John", based on the book "Dear John" by Nicholas Sparks.
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