She is, but a star

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She waves at me,
As she exists the stage,
I respond in delight!
But fans crowd her,
I just smile,
In pride,
'Cause she is mine,
'Cause she is, but a Star!

I gaze at her,
Slowing disappearing,
From my vision's horizon,
I hop on my feet,
Just to get a glance of her,
But not to be,
I smile at her status,
'Cause she is, but a Star!

How long it took,
I didn't keep track of the time,
But just waited,
Looking at the hands,
Of the ticking clock,
Sitting on a battered bench,
Opposite to the stage,
Right across the road,
Next to my age old car,
My first Maruti 800,
Of which she says,
"I love it,
'Cause its your".
I smile back,
In my pride to have her!
And now I look down,
Down upon the same car,
Next to me in white,
Thinking she might have,
Said those just like that,
'Cause she is, but a Star!

I stroll a little,
Think a bit,
But smile not an inch.
Still waiting,
Just for her, my star,
My one and only love!
I let out a gasp,
"Ah, there she is,
She looks stunning,
Doesn't she?"
I smile to myself!
And even as she is just,
Just about to break the queue,
And come running to me,
Someone pulls her back,
Quiet possible,
'Cause she is, but a Star!

An hour goes,
And the next as well,
I keep the keys,
In the car and walk,
Walk away from it,
Walk away from her,
"She looked this way?
And turned away?"
No can't be, my bad!
And yet I walk,
With a heavy heart,
With tears in my eyes,
She couldn't even look at me,
She didn't even know,
Even when I was long gone,
Miles away from her reach,
Might be 'cause she is like this,
I'm taken for granted,
Or might be ignored,
And she can, always,
'Cause she is,
'Cause she is, a but Star!

The stary nights,
Those dancing lights,
They seem to mean all,
Her world, her life,
Her present and future,
And the silly past,
Its worth forgetting,
When it has me in it,
Lots more men to come,
Lots more love to gather,
Lots more lives to live,
And she'll excel in that,
And I'm sure she will,
'Cause she is my love,
'Cause she is, but a Star!

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love the thought that you put into this...
and the picture!
nice one, mate...

And I too LOVE the pic, she looks...

Profound and Vivid, its best when the words can paint a thousand real life pictures, me like!!! :)

Thank you for your kind words.

very nicely expressed zave. keep it up

Thanks for visiting and appreciating!

wad an awesum wriritng man.......truly beutiful......
coz she is a star ,she cn ignore u nd even hv a right fr dat, bt u can't help loveing her, nt even aftr she myt nt b a star.....

@The aspirant-
You hit the nail on the head!
Thanks by the way.


a very cliched content. but quite well executed. even though I knew the storyline all along, i just wanted to read. just wanted to continue unravelling with the verse.
love and peace.:)

Yes, a cliched content it is. I actually wanted to make my love realize via this poem. That is why I wrote in the first place.
And thanks for visiting my blog.
Keep coming back.

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