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i confess, since i Saw the girl you are,
i've been Ecstatic to have got you,
who gave Voice to my verses,
Enriched them with the beauty,
None can ever hope to match,
a Testimony that i'm worth the love,
and not solely alive for Hate!

i proclaim you have an amazing Attitude,
and a Personality quiet unique,
and although i failed to Recognize you,
Importantly i corrected myself early,
and made you mine for the Lifetime!

it doesn't matter if you are the Object or soul,
your Understanding is all i crave to have,
Relishing every day spent in memory of you!

i promise to be by your side Always,
and keep the little Naughtiness alive,
Nurturing this love of ours,
trying to Initiate most of the things i can,
adding Versatility to our moments together,
Expressing all our happiness and joys,
even the painful Regrets and the hurts,
fighting every drop of Sadness,
not with the deathly Arrogance,
but with Respect for each other,
and all possible 'cause its You, my love!

P.S. - This is dedicated to Lily and if still not very clear, its our first anniversary today on 7th April, 2010.

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amazingly well written bro....
happy anniversary to you and Lily... :)
i wish you two all the very best...

Thanks yaar.
Thank you so much for the wishes, we need that every moment!

Really well written, and what an ingenious idea! Love you for every bit of everything!

Thank you.
All 'cause of your love dear!

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