My days at my school

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The long walks in the sunny morn,
Be it in the winter or in the bloody the rain,
Never did I regret my steps to school,
'Cause they never went in vain!

The smell of the dew covered field,
And the soft light pouring through,
Makes me recall the good morning with P.K.,
'Cause they were not very few!

The busyness of the streets to school,
And the look of my fellow student,
Is something I still remember,
Etched into my small memory without dent!

I miss the race to come last to the assembly,
And be invisible when you are at fault,
Digging out deadly excuses to confront teachers,
From our unused mind's majestic vault!

The nonsense chatters on the field,
And the heavenly feeling inside,
I still miss those theists days,
Wondering where does God now reside?

Waiting for the periods to get over,
And a constant watch at the clock,
'Cause I neither could recite Bengali poems,
Nor wanted the world history to unlock!

And yet I wish I had a second life,
Not for the love of the English I read,
But for the whispering chats we had,
Till the teacher caught us and we were dead!

The sitting arrangements for exams,
I still miss its pleasant surprise,
Seldom a beautiful girl to sit with,
And often unlucky to be with an idiotic wise!

And if that concerned me even a bit,
What mattered more were the marks,
'Cause when they were dubiously low,
Parents' signature was a herculean task!

Those mid-day breaks and its hunger,
And the numerous games we played,
Brought in more fun and joy,
'Cause of unique rules that we laid!

And then the sweat was all we had,
Pride of the winner and the shame of the lost,
As we ran for the water instead to the class,
Not thinking what that could possibly cost!

The celebrations of the parents night,
And the march past of the republic day,
Still makes me run back to my school,
To relive those moments just for a day!

The dances and shows that I enjoyed,
And yet never tried my way into it,
Make me wish had I tasted it too,
I wouldn't have to regret even that bit!

Those meaningful laughs that we had,
Now make no sense at all,
And yet at the end when I left the school,
They were the ones that used to call!

Those crushes which I did have,
That none but I ever knew,
Still make me smile at my stupidity,
Repenting, "How utterly foolish of you"!

Friendship grew and still keeps growing,
Friends lost, but that was a time I spend,
Even when I saw promises break,
I made promises and kept them till the end!

And even though I had moments,
When I was broken like hell,
The school itself was never at fault,
It was always me who wasn't well!

And even as I look to the future ahead,
Whenever I'm asked about the best time of my life,
I unabashedly chatter about my days at Loyola School,
Boasting of its greatness without strife!

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Well written.
I too went back to my school days, although I never went to your school, it was worth remembering it.
Keep up the good work.

Thank you.

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