I wish

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I wish I could take it all away,
The pain that engulfs you now,
Biting you every second,
Spitting fire on you,
Burning my little girl,
Your big eyes,
Your buttery lips,
Your cute face,
Your pulpy hands,
Your fair legs,
In a word, You!

I wish I could touch you,
And soak up all,
All the heat off you,
And make them my own!

I wish I could hold you,
Take you in my arms,
Not letting your feet,
Even touch the earth!

I wish I could live on behalf of you,
Run to classes for the attendance,
And gather random stupid notes,
Which I can manage the best!

I wish I could be with you,
Act as a guardian to you,
Command you to rest,
And get some peaceful sleep!

I wish I could kiss you,
And whisper to you,
In oblivion,
Of how much I love you,
Of how much this heart cries,
Every time I hear you speak,
Every time I feel helpless,
Sitting miles away from you,
And doing nothing but studying,
For a better future ahead,
When my present is in pain!

I wish I was dead,
And was a soul,
Which could fly,
And just be with you,
I just want to be with you,
Some how, any how!


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Honey.. oh, I dunno. Thanks for this! It's making me feel better already! Thank you! :)

You are welcome sweetheart!
I'll do anything to see you get better!

Well...... Splendid..... She's one VERY lucky girl....

@The dark night-
She is lucky, that I can't be sure of, but yes, she is amazing!

very beautifully done! Nice blog :-)

Thank you for the appreciation!

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