I miss her - Day two

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Yes I had heard her,
I know I've had my moments,
But this silent night is killing me!
"Habits die hard".
But why should I let it die,
When its not a habit at all?
Its a desire,
An eternal need of me,
To stay in peace,
At mind and the heart.
And its absence,
Makes me yearn for it,
More and more,
Like a drug addict,
Searching frantically,
For some repose!
And then it,
Leaves me frustrated,
Makes me sick,
Brings my cards' house,
Of voices and care,
Crashing down,
Blown into dust,
And its bits and pieces,
Flying in oblivion.
I can neither touch it,
Nor visualize it,
Just a feeling,
That somewhere,
At some corner,
Of this world,
She exists,
Yes, for me,
Just for me,
She does!

P.S. - I heard her for 10 minutes today, and from then on still dreaming about it. She is still not well actually.

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Like the verse.
But you gotta relax. I'm sure she's fine. Don't get too worked up!

Naah, not too much, just a little!
That is fine I suppose.

well, its nice interpretation of ur state of mind but i think u cn make it much better......try it once buddy it cn b made much worth reading.

@The Aspirant-
Might be. In any case I scribble randomly whatever comes to my mind, so might be it could have been better, but this was what came to my mind at that moment.

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