I miss her - Day three

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The volume was turned to zero!
How on earth could I hear?
Once, twice, thrice,
That never hit me.
And finally when it did,
All I heard was,
"I'm with dad",
And then a beep!
I had my chances,
Which I couldn't seize.
Hate me for that,
Probably regretting!
I enjoyed,
The farewell,
Yes I did,
But not as much,
Not to dance my way.
I got stung,
An ignorant,
Irritated bee,
I felt the pain,
But not as much,
Not to be bothered.
And now as I scribble,
All this nonsense,
I feel myriad emotions,
Nothing as compared,
To my few joys,
Or my little ache.
Nothing without you,
Just be back,
Back to me,
My reality,
The winner,
Of my dreams,

P.S. - The verses talk of my day, as for her, I'm still in the dark.

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well well well
reading all 3 of dese made me realise how frantically u luv her, seriously buddy.....
bt u knw all dis is part of luv coz widout wait ,dere's no divinity in luv...
by d way dis one is much better den second part of dis series....

And you would see more of this till my craziness ceases to exist.
And thanks for the appreciation.

nice one bro.... wish yo all the best.... keep writing

Thank you for the appreciation.

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