I miss her - Day three and a half

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Some things are lucky,
Aren't they?
Seems my cooler too!
I got it fixed,
The red hot air,
Turned to cool blue,
And now I rejoice,
'Cause my yesterday's dream,
It came true!
All I got was a call,
And I was gone.
First up I was stuck,
There was just silence,
I was still in a trance,
And I couldn't believe,
Finally over?
How could that be?
Waiting is fun,
Though not always,
And as I yearned the voice,
I still believe,
It was worth it,
But now all is back,
Back to me,
And back to normal,
Once more,
All the smiles,
Just too big,
All the joys,
Just too huge,
And about that love,
Its as I say,

P.S. - She is back, and totally fine. And I suppose I can end this series here itself.

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its difficult to get the link f those " i miss u" series...bt still i cn say..nicely written...

It is the "I miss her" series.
And I tried to put in these verses how I miss her in between my daily schedule when I cannot talk to her or can get no news of her for days on end. And each verse talks of each day, 3 consecutive days.

n y is that u cnt get ne news f her fr days??

If only you would have read the third part attentively enough.
In any case, she was down with food poisoning and her dad had come to visit her. So she was with him 24x7. No time at all to call me, can't afford to get caught na.

we do miss the pain sometimes, when its gone.

i like the depth here, what with it being something personal to u (right?)


following ur blog now! keep in touch

And I specially love pain.
It has its own beauty.
And yes, its my personal experience, very close to my heart.
Thanks for visiting.

bt she cn txt if nt call...n i do love pain as well...has its own beauty as u rightly said...

Yes, possible, but not quiet in this case, there are complexities!


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