I miss her - Day one

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Its simple,
I'm missing her.
I waited,
And waited.
As night comes knocking,
I still wait.
I can feel the heat,
I never felt before,
And perspire in it.
I can feel a weight,
Growing on me,
Crushing me.
I could smell a burn,
Not knowing its source.
A special void,
A small one within,
My heart I guess,
An emptiness,
Waiting to be filled.
Sitting idle,
As usual,
But I don't want this,
This staring,
At my laptop,
With an illusion of distance,
I can't fathom,
Its meaning,
Its significance.
I'm worried.
I'm content.
I'm hungry.
I'm thirsty.
I'm tempted,
To call her.
And yet I don't,
All I do is,
I keep waiting!

P.S. - Its the first day since many days when I didn't hear her for a day or have no news of her, knowing that she is ill I'm a hell lot worried.

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I miss you too! :(

I'm still waiting by the way.
Get well soon.

well, buddy nice to see your care for her.....
by d way y can't u call????

@The Aspirant-
She is with her dad, 24x7.

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