I and you

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I cried,
And you planted a kiss!
I thought,
And you put that to action!
I spoke,
And you amazingly admired!
I said,
And you always believed!
I called,
And you came running!
I looked,
And you kept blushing!
I talked,
And you still kept talking!
I trusted,
And you never broke it!
I moaned,
And you always knew it!
I debated,
And you never listened!
I ordered,
And you never defied!
I hurt,
And you simply cried!
I forced,
And you never did oppose!
I kissed,
And you moved away in fun!
I touched,
And you giggled in delight!
I tickled,
And you held my hand too tight!
I wrote,
And you kept talking about the write!

I left,
And still you did not let go!
I loved,
And you too let the love flow!

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Ah, the joys of love.
Beautiful poem, buddy.
Keep them coming.

I plan to make them rain!

That's a beautiful and amazing poetry.

Thank you for the appreciation.

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Its time you write what you want,

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