The exams' knock

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Knock, knock!
"I'm here again"!
An outburst of cries,
"Brace the door",
"Check the lock",
"Set up a table",
"Call for some help",
And pandemonium,
Rushing and cursing,
"We can't stop it,
Now can we"?
Was the only wise word!

"Could you come back later"?
A question all wanted to ask,
"No, its time, just about time,
Your good luck has run out time,
I'll wait no more, no more",
Ended with a rare horrifying laughter.

"What shall we do?
We are not even there",
"I don't know a thing",
"Count me in too",
"I'm blank, totally,
Like an empty board",
Confessed all!
"I know a little of it",
And all looked at him,
Like he was guilty,
Of a brutal murder,
Indeed, of friends' trust,
As someone put it right,
"You ought to be like us"!

Everyone looked up in horror,
Indeed it was almost time,
A twisted stare at the clock,
And all hung their heads down,
As someone went on,
The brave out of the lot,
Putting it this way,
"But we can't ignore,
Can we really do that"?
To open up the gates,
The door to misery,
And a road to death,
Imminent painful death!

One stare at the stranger,
And all dispersed,
Run where ever they could,
In ignorant belief,
It could be escaped,
Hiding in the shadows,
Of dusty unvisited corners,
Of the paper and notes' pillars!

And since then we are still,
Living and breathing,
Scampering like slaves,
Working under its order,
In hope that we be spared,
From its wrath and rage.

Pondering on,
"Why on earth does it exist?
Does it want us dead?
When will this end?
When will I never face it again?"
Answers to which are quiet,

P.S. - A lot many days to suffer yet.

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Haha, very well written! You put together just about everything exams do :P
Good luck :)

exams seems to be scaring you :D
having nightmares too are you :D I used to have :P
nice one :D

I need to accumulate all the good luck!

Exams & nightmares-
They have been best friends since time immemorial I suppose.

hehe your poem is hilarious and so true...
Panic and more panic as exams come closer..
Goodluck for your exams.

@Lazy Pineapple-
Thanks for the appreciation and the luck!

Nice.. :D
Though its more apt for me than for you! ;)

Yes, I think so.
Its in general that I wrote.
Though, this time it was a bit scary, more than other times.

exams are stressful but can be overcome, and look at the results, great post

Yes, totally stressful.
But I think I'll live more happily without exams than write this one poem.

awesum buddy,...........
my xams r starting frm 12th may, end semester xams nd truly sayin m feeling lyk all dis......
i too ask sale ques: "Wen vl d day come wen i dunt hv to give ne xam" :P

@The Aspirant-
Best of luck to you.
Mine ends on 4th May, so still studying a lot!


U reminded me of my student days :)

miss them in fact. i kinda liked egg-jams ;)

Days in college, or rather exam days are hard to forget, however scary they may be!

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