The deathly knock

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Knock knock!
He stared in deathly horror,
At the closed door behind him,
"No, this can't be it, not now,
I'm not letting you go".
He clung to her fading body,
Lying on the unmoving bed,
With her eyes drooping down,
Her life sinking into the dark waters,
Of the ever flowing life's stream.

Knock knock!
He ignored the wooden chatter,
Gazing at her closed eyes,
With tear filled eyes,
Caressing her forehead,
Withered and spotty,
Wrinkled with the tensions,
Fought valiantly all these years,
Alone, single handed,
But with a reassuring smile.

Knock knock!
He went closer to her,
Clutched her hands into his,
And prayed, she be just fine,
If only they could be answered,
And wished had he been here,
Days before like she wanted,
If only he had known this,
That he had so little time,
So few moments with her.

Knock knock!
He couldn't even hear the call,
Floating back to his past,
He stood alone watching him,
Fighting to write a word,
He saw her holding his hand,
Learning to ride a bicycle,
He saw her marking his path,
Winning the best student's award,
He saw her hugging him in pride.

Knock knock!
The stranger did not lose hope.
Knock knock!
He banged again once more.
Knock knock!
Impatience clearly he could feel.
Knock knock!
Seemed to break his fists on the door.
Knock knock!
The noise could be taken no more.

The banging on the door increased,
And suddenly in a moment fell dead,
He turned around to secure the door,
But the door was locked quiet safe,
The lightening of realization crashed,
Trembling in his fears and tears,
He got closer to her beating heart,
But where had the beat gone?
He frantically searched for her pulse,
All was, but a failure at the end!

And he hug her cold body tight,
Still in the hope that she rise back,
And scold him for being in tears,
Still in the hope to see her eyes,
Looking at him with the love she had,
Still in the hope she pat on his back,
Saying "Good you got a promotion",
Still in the hope she caress his hair,
And put him back to deep sleep,
But her hands didn't even move.

He then heard the retreating steps,
Just outside the locked door,
Two set of steps they seemed,
One unknown and ghostly,
The other made him spring up,
In unseen horror and in utter delight,
He ran to unlock the wooden flaps,
And as he came out in the open,
He did hear her steps again,
Fading slowly in the murky light!

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Sad.. Wonder why you wrote this. :(

Just a thought!
Thinking why it came to my mind?

Awesome piece of work.
Very artsy!

Thanks mate.

Awesome. Loved it instantly! :)

Thank you for the appreciation.
Keep coming back.

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