A write by the night

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A solemn promise
to sleep early,
A sleepy night
where all are dead,
A pair of tired eyes
waiting to close,
And the enthusiastic feelings
still pushing on!

An elegant pen
gifted with its ink,
A spotless paper
presumed to be white,
A royal colour
supposed to be blue,
And the casual grip
like reluctant to hold!

An unabashed gaze
at the verses ahead,
An unsatisfied heart
'cause of the small write,
A contend brain
hoping to write later,
And a confused soul
deciding how to react!

A static thought
that I still scribble,
A blocked mind
with none to think about,
A peculiar realization
as to why the hell do I write,
And a crazy write
as this has happened to be!

An unusual time
five in the morning,
A dimming light
of my buggy laptop,
An awkward position
half sitting and the other lies,
And an impossible idea
that I could finish this write!

A precedent style
like the many more seen,
A handful of emotions
not much in this morn,
An eluding memory
none that I can recall,
And then finally a write
a write by the night!

P.S. - I finally slept at 6:30 AM that morning!

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Hi there,liked ur poem :)

A write by the night is also what i prefer..though classic symptoms of 'writer's block' are also faced :)
I also write poems occasionally & you could, if you so wish, visit my blog
the link: www.soulatma.blogspot.com

Keep up the writing!

I love the nights, and that is the best time to write, face the block less than often at night!
And thanks for visiting my blog.

well,yaar dats a simply mmmmmm simply beautiful (nt gettin ryt wrd fr it jst nw).........
quite tru wen u awaken at late nyts nd jst wanna complete sumthin, such feelings r obvious.....

I'm trying to imagine what you were trying to mean, and its not a good thought!
Just joking!
And, these things do happened really often, so tried to document it!

Thanks for submit your blog on

i loved the flow of this poem... the tension... and the way it is released... at last!

hi dear new little window!
i saw you on my blog and looked through you... wow! i saw a new beautiful world...


Thank you for visiting my blog and dropping in a word of appreciation for the poem.
I'm more than happy to get a readership of someone yourself!
Thank you!

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