Under the night's dark blue

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Honking the irritating horn,
Repeatedly incessantly,
In ignorant childish glee,
Living the frustrating noise,
Calling it a means of fun.

Speeding, cruising through,
The cold whip of thin air,
The crazy heart racing on,
And with it the beastly engine,
Pumping the blood and oil!

A sudden flash of blinding deathly light,
Tearing apart the lively thoughts,
And the horror filled watery eyes,
The bloody heart running out of blood,
Looking at the imminent death staring!

Slamming of the safety brakes,
A squeak of the rusty bearings,
Smell of the burning black latex,
And the never ending drag still,
Skidding nearer to the devil!

The beastly machine nearly to halt,
But by then bones are crushed,
Teeth are brutally mashed,
Blood spills over the sorry earth,
And a little life yet to give up!

The dim lights begin to fade away,
Eyes forced to close down,
View blocked by the blood's rain,
The mind stopped thinking,
Unable to detect even the pain!

No control over the lonesome feet,
They flutter like a dying bird's wings,
Love and hate, war and peace,
Nothing seems worth the fight,
As life itself is about to be ceased!

It hurts no more, feels no more,
None of the existence matter,
Like it is the end of all,
Just a flood of flashing images,
The small life in a few moments!

The curious unknown faces,
The pointless amazing smiles,
The regrets of being alive,
And then a thought of her,
And there is, but a smile!

A fate she suffered again true,
History repeating itself still,
A monstrous day that was once,
Unpredicted and mournful as ever,
Like the bolt from the bloody blue!

As the freed soul walks away,
Giving the corpse a regretful look,
Repenting for the night's craze,
Smiles return as she descends,
Floating in the street's irritating light!

Outstretching her arms calling on,
Waiting for the shadowy kiss,
Wanting to go back to the third world,
Eroding all the regrets and pain,
Re-living the life supposedly in a bliss!

Coming closer still is she,
As the life gets choked out,
And the soul moves on to oblivion,
The past still haunting back,
And so does the future yet not in!

And finally with her holding hands,
She says, "You are back to me,
Even when I didn't want to call you,
And although you smile at me,
I know the hurt you have inside"!

Thinking of this life's satire,
Of the near similar life that was led,
And yet death came in a different hue,
"She was crushed in the shining sun,
But me under the night's dark blue"!

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You've been added to ze bloglist *clap clap*


also, I liked your profile-- the part about a bright future. Keep eet up jee! ^__^

Difficult to decide.. a terrible thing to be snatched away this way? Or beautiful to be united with your love again?

well, dats a beauty by u my frnd........two emotions mixed wid each othr so well, dat dey r jst inseparable....

yaar...seems like u have written a whole life time of poems wen i ws away jst fr a few days....awesum!!!

Thank you for visiting my blog.

Well, both the reactions are just opposite, so I'll go with the one which is happier to think about!

@The Aspirant-

You seem to be out of this world for quiet a long time!


That was thought provoking on so many different levels! Good work!

Thank you for the visit!

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