They call me

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They call me,
The time I spent,
Sitting by your side,
Cuddling with you,
When I could touch you,
When I could feel you there!

They call me,
The smell of your skin,
The taste of your tongue,
The sound of your laugh,
The scorns of your moans,
The pink of the "pinkie"!

They call me,
The sadness that engulfed you,
The love that filled me,
The tears that popped out,
The smile that showed off,
The moisture that dried up!

They call me,
The grasp of your fingers,
The lock of your lips,
The strands of your hair,
The pimple of your face,
The love in your stare!

They call me,
The dreams I dreamt,
Gazing deep inside,
Into the very obvious future,
While fate just smiled,
Remaining totally oblivious!

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BEAUTIFUL is all I can say..

Thank you for passing by my verses.


Thank you mam!

dats really damn gud........yaar....seriously awesum wrk....
hats of to u fr dis

cheers :)

Thank you so much.
I'm glad its worth your appreciation.

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