The Native : A childhood poetry

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The Native from the south,
Growing high, steep and stout.
Its branches spread in all ways,
In every direction they sway.

Some sprigs point to the east,
The land of the tribal Assamese,
Some bow down to the west,
Where bravery is assumed without test,
Some twigs watch over to the north,
Where constant wars are fought.
While few bent to the south, the land of fishes,
Which is specially worth for its delicious dishes.

The Native stands to welcome the sun,
Which hopefully would make our lives turn.
The sun sharing its mighty power to all,
Among which the Native also falls,
The birds alight on it the day all long,
Voicing out their ever sweetest song,
Beneath it the small puppies play,
Fighting, barking and rolling in the muddy clay.

The noon brings for the Native the cracking sunshine,
Though it has enough strength to bear it fine.
The shades of the sun come down as the day descends,
As a day full of joy and sorrow comes to an end.
The Native bidding every homeward bird good bye,
As the queen of night enters and the king walks by.
The queen comes in following the wild cry,
While her friends come in to assist jewel the sky.
Her friends twinkling graciously all about,
Some peeping from the branches of the stout,
Some stand in the bare black abreast,
While others stay in some corner deep at rest.

This hide and seek goes on throughout the night,
But the Native ignores them even as they are in sight,
As the light nears, the night retires slowly,
And the soft, quiet dawn creeps in lowly,
And with this rising dawn the birds become free,
Out to enjoy a new day, the Native, the Coconut tree!

P.S. - This poem was written by me when I was in class - VII. In case you missed it, it is based on the coconut tree which grew in my house's backyard.

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A very warm expression, rekindled the childhood joy in me. Brought back those lovely soothing memories of my native place. Truly, watching a coconut tree is a real pleasure!

I'm glad you liked it.

awesssssssum !!
loved it!!!

Happy you liked it.

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