My 21st Birthday

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Twenty one years gone,
Just like that,
With the snap of my fingers,
Slipped away from my clasp,
Lying down in the dust,
Covered with time!

Myriad emotions deep inside,
Still hurting!
Countless questions remain,
Still unanswered!
Numerous unforgettable mysteries,
Still unrevealed!
Lot many elusive territories,
Still unconquered!
Few tiny dreamy wishes,
Still unfulfilled!

Age old regrets,
All would have,
And so do I.

And this is not a fresh start,
What has begun shall continue,
Walking in the direction I chose,
But at least this much,
As my mom says to me,
"Walk cautiously"!

P.S. - The pic is from my last year birthday.

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this is an awesum pic


take it from me man.....the lines will be same at 40 too.....just that the number will change to 40...... personal experience :)

HB'day \,,/

I suppose so, but nevertheless its painful still.
And thank you for the wishes.

happy bday!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you for the wishes.


Twenty one years of knowledge and wisdom,
of becoming an almost engineer.
Twenty one years of loving and being loved,
of tiffs and make-ups.
Twenty one years of fun and pranks,
paper boats and chidings.

Twenty one years,
swiftly gone,
and yet every moment,
a moment well spent.

A lot of things to be discovered,
which with your brain you will.
Some experiences you could've done without,
but were subjected to, still.
Some 'mysteries' will stay unrevealed,
for we are just humans, after all.

But they've all played their part,
in making you, you.
You, the son of proud parents,
You, the caring brother,
You, the loyal friend,
You, the thoughtful lover.
They've shaped you up into what you are today,
and for that, to those years I'm thankful.

And also to the starting that was twenty one years ago,
and which are so seldom now.
The starting that gave me you.
With regrets or without them,
this shall indeed continue,
this long, long walk.

Happy birthday, yet again!

Words abandon me when I try to thank you for all this that you've written for me and more of what you bring into my life each day.
But still, thank you is all I could say, and the rest thanks giving I'll do face to face I suppose...

Let me assure you that one only gains as one no regrets!

Ya, I suppose that should be it.

Hmm.. Face to face.. ;)

Belated Happy B'day my frnd.......
nd a nice poem again......hope u achieve evry dream u hv

cheers :)

@The aspirant-
Thank you.
And yes, I hope that too.

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