I miss you - 2 (Proposal revisited - 2)

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I miss you,
On every sunny morn,
Or when I look at a colourful lawn.

I miss you,
At every single heart beat,
Or at each night's retreat.

I miss you,
At every moment you call,
Or when I'm alone in a crowed hall.

I miss you,
At the forging of each verse,
Or when I hear a cute curse.

I miss you,
When ever I see some love,
Or look at the clouds above.

I miss you,
Every second I look at you,
Or look at the moon with stars a few.

I miss you,
At every second of my life,
So will you marry me,
Will you be my wife?

P.S. - Its a sequel to the "I miss you" and "Proposal Revisited". Also a part of the card I gave her, also a proposal.

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dats beautifully written by u , as alwaz............quite touchy yaar

@The aspirant-
Thanks. You are very kind.

nice pic....n the poem too...


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