I know, yet I don't

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I can't see your dark gloomy eyes,
Or feel your brine soaked cheeks,
Or your frowning irritated brows,
Or the way your raised nose peeks!

I know its not easy for you,
That you are often a lot mad,
Be impossibly happy for a moment,
And then again insanely be very sad!

I can't watch over you all day long,
And see your fickle moods swing,
Noting down each of the killing step,
Which your not so silly mind did bring.

I know when you are one sleepy head,
Or when its real hunger talking,
Or if its another self-inflicted pain,
When the evil in you is stalking.

I can't see the reasons of the cries,
Or the bloody battle which rages on,
Or even feel those red open wounds,
Once the warriors are lost and gone.

I know your scorns when I hear one,
And when cries are about to break free,
I know when you hide a word inside,
Tucked away from my intellect's lee.

I can't see the walks of your mind,
Or the trash you are forced to tread upon,
Or the feeling kept under the caring wraps,
And which then, just rot away on and on.

But I try my sweetheart,
I do try with all my might,
To brave the dark cavern of misery,
Even in the little flickering hope light.

But how far could I keep wining or even hope,
If I can never see the unknown pits?
How long could I hold on to this world,
When the earth beneath me is crushed to bits?

How do I know if I'm treading the wrong path,
If you don't ever show me the way?
Then how could I even turn back to you,
And go ahead with your mystery evil's slay?

Hold my hands and walk the path ahead,
Show me the ways which still blind me,
One more chance is all I ask from you,
And I can promise, I will not fail thee!

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Dats truly awesum my frnd.....
d thoughts were filling d heart and still making d mind bend towards d heart only....

cheers :)

@The Aspirant-
Thank you for your understanding.

if you are writing about mood swings of a girl, then its a curse a woman lives with all her life...some get it bad some not so bad...but it sometimes makes life for the companion unbearable...grin and bear it!!!

I'm amazed, you said what I exactly wanted to portray, you spoke my mind.
And yes, I'm bearing it, and will in the future as well (and with a smile), that is my eternal plan, but with a little help, that is it!
And thank you for dropping by my blog.

I really loved this one.. Very natural, real and heartfelt.. I remembered Hoopoe's words, especially, when you wrote about 'don't ever show me the way'. Simply AWESOME! Beautiful composition.. The flow of thoughts, the expression, PERFECT!

Glad you liked it.

bindaas....u know wat...i love those mood swings coz it becums unbearable fr ppl...

I think that is the right way to go when you don't care about people, but when you do and see others get hurt each day 'cause of your behaviour you will see that love change into hatred.
And I can bet on that.

Bt the thing is mood swings are sumthing that can not be controlled ...so cant help it...

Yes, I know, but it sometimes really makes life hell! I have some experience in it.

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